Revolution:Exodus is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 02/16/2012

The students under Shu's oppressive rule are starting to feel discontent and rebellious towards the harsh king, leading them to start a coup d'etat lead by Arisa Kuhouin. Inori begins to notice her scary behaviour, and realizes that she is the one who attacked Arisa without being aware of it. Will Shu realize that his followers are actually planning a rebellion? Will the UN actually go through with nuking Japan? And what will happen when a certain someone makes a surprising return?

Plot Summary

The red line is getting closer and closer to the school, and it has been predicted that it’ll only take another week for it to reach the school. The students on watch o the school rooftop discussed how the red line was getting closer and closer, and at that moment Shu alongside his men came. Shu told them that they shouldn’t be talking while on duty and asked the Secret Service to take the students to the disciplinary cell. The students pushed Shu’s men away and one of them yelled at Shu, and Shu swiftly took out the boy’s Void and told him that he could do whatever he wanted with the Void, and if he doesn’t like the sound of it, he should obey him.

Shu continues to set up preperations for his mission called Exodus; Yahiro advises Shu to rest, but rest tells him that he cannot sleep when such an important mission is so close, and he says that Gai wouldn’t be resting if he were in Shu’s shoes. Yahiro asks Shu whether or not Gai threatened his followers into doing the things he wanted them to, and Shu comments on what that’s supposed to mean. Yahiro clarifies by telling Shu that the students are starting to feel resentment towards Shu, and that he’s going too far. Shu doesn’t care that the students are resenting him, he thinks that its fine as long as he is providing them with the safety that they want. He then says that the reason why Hare died was because there was no discipline. Shu says that the ones who probably attacked Arisa were the ones that resent Shu’s ways. At that note, Inori looks at her own hands and gets a flashback where she uses the cancer crystals to stab Arisa’s hand. Shu notices Inori’s surprised face, and Inori tells him that she is fine.

Arisa is seen in her room, huddled and shaking in a corner with her eyes wide open. She gets a flaskback of Inori stabbing her hand, and Arisa whispers for someone to help her. A cellphone suddenly starts ringing on her window sill, and she picks it up. Arisa is seen wearing a surprised expression when she hears the voice on the phone, and she tells the person that the students are on the verge of exploding due to Shu’s oppressive rule. Nanba, who is watching Arisa hears her talking and enters her room. He tells her that although she is a rank S, she cannot criticize President Shu. Nanba asks her who she was talking to, and Arisa hesitates. He then tells her that he can always check her call history. Arisa then seduces Nanba and sells her body in order to keep him quiet. Nanba then posts on the school’s internet network that Shu is hiding the fact that if a Void breaks, the person dies. The students go on a rampage, and cannot believe that Shu hid that information in order to use their Voids.

The UN conduct a meeting and unearthed that there have been ninety eight fabrications and cover-ups on the reports sent in by Keido about the Japanese government. The UN begins to discuss whether or not they should continue reaching out to Japan with their aids.

Yahiro goes and tells Arisa to stop spreading false rumors about Voids. Arisa tells Yahiro that it is the truth. Yahiro pushes the fact that it is not true and that if it was, then their entire system would collapse. Arisa asks Yahiro whether or not he’s here to warn her that she’ll be punished if she disobeyed him, while showing him her injured hand. Yahiro is perplexed with her statement, and Arisa says she’ll tell him who attacked her.

In the meantime, Shu and Inori sit together in the greenhouse garden. Shu asks Inori if he’ll ever pay for the actions he’s taken. Inori tells him that she should also pay for her actions, telling him that she’s the one who attacked Arisa. Shu is taken by surprise, and Inori explains how she wanted to protect Shu which is probably why she did that. Inori then puts on a scared expression, admitting that she is afraid of herself and how she is a monster. Shu reassures her and tells her that nobody will hurt her since he is the king. Yahiro steps into the greenhouse and witnesses Shu and Inori embracing one another. Yahiro tells Shu that Inori was the one to attack Arisa, and he has an eye witness. Shu is indifferent by Yahiro’s remark, and Yahiro tells Shu that he cannot treat Inori different than the other students. Shu tells Yahiro to shut up since Yahiro was the one who kept secrets from Shu (about how people whose Voids break die). Shu and Yahiro quarrel with one another, and Shu kicks Yahiro out of the greenhouse and reduces his rank to rank F.

Nanba gives Arisa the data of the Exodus mission and the data of the students’ Voids that she wanted after sleeping with her. He asks her what she wants to do with that information, and she reveals that she’s planning a coup d’etat.

Tsugumi goes through the Exodus plan with the students. In the meantime, Keido and his accomplices have gained information on the Exodus plan and await the Shu’s moves. Daath is seen pulling out a Void from an unknown person.

Shu starts the mission, which is to send a high voltage electrical current into the Tokyo Tower which is providing the Ghost units their power. When the Ghosts lose their power, the gates will open and they will escape. The mission was a success, and some students lost their lives. As soon as the gates opened and all the students begin heading out, some student linger and corner Shu. They begin yelling at Shu and telling him that he had no right to treat them the way he did. Finally, Souta, who has been severly infected by the Apocalypse Virus pushes Shu into a pit while muttering that he didn’t do anything wrong. Shu is surprised with the treatment he’s receiving and he reaches out to Inori. While Inori runs to Shu, something shoots her, sending her Void out. At that moment three Ghose units appear, and stop in front of the pit. Gai steps out of one of the Ghost units, wearing white clothing and his blonde hair now white. His right eye is surrounded by crystals, and its iris is bright red. Everyone is surprised that Gai is back. Gai leaps into the pit and confronts Shu, telling his that it has been a while. Shu is surprised with Gai’s sudden return, and suddenly, Gai cuts off Shu’s right arm, which transfers “The King’s Power” to Gai. Shu is flabbergasted, and screams in pain about the loss of both his arm and his power. Gai scoffs at Shu, telling him that he was always the rightful king, and Shu was only a usurper.

At that time, the UN conducted a vote on whether or not they should destroy Japan, and out of popular vote, they have decided to nuke the Japanese country.

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

  • Arisa Kuhouin's character had undergone a bizarre development - selling her body and managing to lead the students in a coup d'etat
  • Inori notices that she has been acting strangely, and that she was the one behind Arisa's attack
  • Gai returns again, but he has white hair and white clothing. He also has crystals on the upper right side of his face, also a red right iris.


  • Shu Ouma: “I can do whatever I want with this, you know! If you don’t like the sound of that, then obey me!”
  • Shu Ouma: “And…..Gai wouldn’t be acting lazy right before an operation.”
  • Shu Ouma: “So what if they resent us? They all want to be safe as soon as they can, right?”
  • Arisa Kuhouin: “All right. Will you draw it out, then? My….Void….”
  • Shu Ouma: “I....wonder if I’ll pay the penalty someday. For the sin of trampling over other people’s hearts."
  • Inori Yuzuriha: “I’m afraid of myself. Because….I’m a….monster.”
  • Arisa Kuhouin: “I’m going to force the emperor and his new clothes out of power.”
  • Gai Tsutsugami: "Long time no see, Shu."
  • Gai Tsutsugami: " “King”? Have you forgotten? You were just a usurper. The king has always been me."

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