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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse is an anime movie in the Revolutionary Girl Utena Franchise
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a blast of refreshment Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on March 5, 2010. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.


Utena with short hair is still a sexy beast
Utena with short hair is still a sexy beast

F: Me again so soon after a review! Why? You might ask well why is because Utena has a very interesting little movie by the name of Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse that had previously escaped my reviewing madness on my last Utena review and well I enjoy posting reviews and it has its own page so why not?  

Anyways I’m going to be straight up with this if you want to watch this movie or even read my review you must I repeat must watch the actual show. Thought the show is technically unrelated then if you want it to really make sense or anything to feel emotionally meaningful you need to watch it.  

Setting wise think of it as more future and more Harry pottery like if that’s a far reference then the original but the basic premise is still the same duel winner gets rose bride and whoever has the rose bride has the power of revolution and all that jazz basic stuff right? Well lets see as I get to whether or not you should watch this when you could be playing FF13 ((tip Utena can wait a few days))  

The negatives are kind of strange to mention, but honestly it’s mostly the heavy

some new art directions
some new art directions

 dependency of the viewer having watched the anime. Almost nothing in the movie can really stand on its own two feet literally making it something that can only please the fans even before we find out its good or bad. All the pros I’m about to mention are only possible because the anime will make you invested into the mind of the characters and their struggle. The faults also are a bit just lacking in the emotional reverence of the original no total want to strangle someone anger or deep sorrow so and so event happens, this is mostly due to its length which kills a lot of the subtleties that are what the original completely depends on for meaningful content. Not that everything’s gone sure theirs a philosophy reference here or their, but it still feels a bit rushed. The heart and soul that made Utena a revolutionary show (sorry for the pun) is still there just not as much or as strong in the movie. Oh and to beat the horse it still looks old even for having been clearly given a better quality job over the original. 

 As some of you may recall from my Utena review I liked it a lot, but it had some flaws well for the most part the movie completely does the opposite. It makes for a great top off for someone who just finished Utena because it is completely different from its predecessor at least in how it does things. The movie moves fasted where as the show movies slow, the Show loves doing crazy duels being redone over and over again the movie only has two duels in it both taking place in different locals. The show loves horrible repetition (Guess what to all the people that loved that two wrongs don’t make a right and neither does a hundred wrongs) the movie doesn’t do one thing twice. The anime made a few Yuri moments as possible, but the movie has one of the most ridiculously awesome Yuri scenes involving a flipping motorcycle. I’m not saying one is better then the other it’s just they are way different making it super refreshing even if it is a bit soulless it just feels kind of nice a breather per say from some of the more gloomy things the anime does to be good in a different way. Oh the craziness in this is far more extreme which is nice for just something quick to blow you mind up and the ending just makes me giggle like a school girl…wait that’s because I am one never mind. 

The movie is a just a little something extra to make the super fans that wanted some yrui fu and craziness on the top. It can’t please anyone that’s not a fan, but guess what I am so 4 is that safe to do on a motorcycle? Out of 5     

1800s cyber punk ya you wish you were that cool
1800s cyber punk ya you wish you were that cool


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