Revival is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 12/13/2012

With Ryouta out of the way, Himiko will be an easy target for Date, but Shiki has other plans for the doctor.

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Plot Summary

Shiki's wrath
Shiki's wrath

Date laughs maniacally while shouting one down. Himiko is stunned at Ryota's death, and Date walks slowly towards Himiko who begins shaking in fear. Date tells Himiko to die for him, but Shiki strikes Date from behind with her sickle. Ten minutes earlier, Himiko explains her situation to Shiki, and Shiki states that she has painkillers and antibiotics but no serum. When Shiki points to the medicine room, she sees Date and her old wounds begin to hurt. Shiki informs Himiko that Date is the one who had betrayed her. She asks Himiko what BIMs that Date have. Then, when the two see Ryota grabbing the briefcase, Shiki states that Date has place a BIM in it. Back in the present, Shiki tries to snap Himiko out of it, and she grabs Himiko. As the two walk through the halls, Himiko trips, and Date detonates the hallway before them. Shiki has Himiko climb outside where Date applauds them. She states that Date has placed remote controlled bombs all over the place. When Date sees Himiko is shocked, Date is confident with his victory. Though, Shiki throws a Cracker BIM at Date by having Himiko pressed the button. As Shiki walks towards Date on the tiled roof, Shiki comments that god has brought them together. When Date runs away, he presses the button that detonates the wall near Shiki. Shiki falls on the ground, and Date smiles since he only has Himiko to deal with.

Himiko's boobs bounce
Himiko's boobs bounce

With thoughts of Ryota being there for her, Himiko regrets not telling Ryota that she is the same Himiko. Behind the corner, Date tries to ask Himiko to ally with him, but Himiko declines since Date has betrayed Shiki. When Date throws the Cracker BIM, it bounces off Himiko's large boobs. Date wonders why the BIM did not detonate upon impact, and he uses his radar. He is surprised that Ryota is still alive which makes the Cracker BIMs he is holding useless. Five minutes earlier, Ryota throws the briefcase and dives into a cellar below the room. Himiko is happy that Ryota is still alive. Ryota states that Date only has remote control BIMs while he has one BIM and that Himiko is well armed. Date makes a run for it, and he smiles when Ryota is following him. Date looks around and hides behind a corner. He looks at the trap he has set up, and when he presses the button, Ryota states that he has moved Date's trap. The wall explodes near Date.

As Himiko arrive to the scene, she asks Ryota what he will do. Ryota brings up how they are unable to trust Date who is bent on killing them. Then, Shiki arrives, and she tells that they should not dirty their hands as she pulls out her sickle. Date asks Shiki to help him, and Shiki tells Date that he is dishonest for using others and disposing them. With the sickle near Date's neck, Date apologizes to Shiki, and Shiki begins to cry. She tells Date not to look at her that way. When the sickle is swing, Himiko sees the sickle hitting the ground. Date asks her if she has forgiven her. Shiki sobs over Date and cries that she will never forgive him. Later, Himiko is taking a shower, and she tells Ryota not to peep since she has Ryota be a bodyguard. Ryota asks Himiko why Shiki save Date despite the terrible things Date did to Shiki. Himiko replies that she understands a little bit, and Ryota comments that Himiko would understand since she's a woman. Ryota tells Himiko that he has an idea to check for the IC chips on the players who have died. Himiko walks outside of the shower stall when her towel falls off. She is happy at the idea that they no longer have to kill anyone. Ryota is shocked to see Himiko's nude body, and Himiko slaps Ryota for looking at her naked out of embarrassment.

Points of Interest

After the Credits

Ryota finds the dead body of Akechi only to find the IC chip gone. He informs Himiko that none of the three bodies have the IC chips. He sees Himiko crying and tells her that it isn't her fault for killing Akechi. Ryota wonders who have the chips, and he thinks about Taira and Oda. When the two head up the observatory point, he spots a homing type BIM flying towards him.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Shiki is seen hanging mollusks outside along with preparing fish for cooking. The anime has her doing it inside the building.
  • The manga has Shiki attempting to slit Date's throat. Whereas in the anime, she is about to swing at Date's head.
  • There is no shower scene in the anime.
  • The anime skips the search for the BIMs from the dead players and the part where Ryota and Himiko tell Taira that they are going to search for it.


  • Japanese Name: 最強プレイヤー
  • Manga Chapter: 44 (pg. 37) - 46 (pg. 53)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junya Inoue Original Concept Manga Artist
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Storyboard Director.


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