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Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu (Manga)

Like the most people from my generation(god, I'm OLD!), I grew up with Pokemon. I collected the cards, played the game(my first game was Crystal) and, of coarse, watched the cartoon. I liked the cartoon a bunch, but not as much as this comic-series that was based on it.No disrespect ...

Reviewed by waezi2 on May 27, 2014
Ratman (Manga)

The story is about a boy named Shuto Katsuragi, who lives in a world with technology that makes superheroes a real thing (no offence, Phoenix Jones), and Shuto's greatest wish is to become a hero himself. Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive to get the equipment necessary (most heroes have to find ...

Reviewed by waezi2 on May 5, 2014
Mx0 (Manga)

Taiga Kuzumi have failed the test to attend the Seinagi Private High School. Skulking around the school, he is mistaken for a student who ditch class, and is dragged into the school-ground by a teacher. Taiga now discover that the school is actually not just a highly privileged private school, ...

Reviewed by waezi2 on May 5, 2014
Blood Lad (Manga)

This is most likely my favorite manga at the moment.Staz Blood is a vampire with a obsession for human made things, especially if they are from Japan. But being a demon, he cant leave the Demon World so easy.But one day, a human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi enters the Demon ...

Reviewed by waezi2 on May 5, 2014
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The Wind Rises (Movie)

Hayo Miyazaki you dreamer, you've given us some of the most beautiful Creative, and astounding films. "My Neighbor Totoro" was the first of his movies I saw growing up, as well as my first exposure to Japanese animation. I saw "Princess Mononoke" when I was 13 and it blew me ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on April 17, 2014
Robotics;Notes (Anime)

This one's quite the mixed bag. Robotics;Notes appears to juggle several lingering plot developments with the main focus being on a struggling robotics club, both members experiencing disorders that affect their perception of time and a conspiracy development connected to a collection of reports that Kaito is trying to track ...

Reviewed by Dream on April 16, 2014
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Bakemonogatari (Anime)

Bakemonogatari, is certainly an odd ride, but of course odd could mean many things when It comes to anime. I feel an otaku's definition of odd usually pertains to something along the lines Of "FLCL" or pretty much anything One Piece related. In some cases however I feel A series ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on April 13, 2014
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One-Punch Man (Manga)

This is a new and underrated series as far as I can tell as I accidentally stumbled across its existence by total accident online and haven’t been able to find it at all in the stores. One-Punch Man nevertheless hits the ground running and was funny enough that I read ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 13, 2014
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One Piece (Anime)

This anime is awesome,funny and cool.It's the best of all the anime I watch well i'm not really sure because there is NARUTO and FAIRY TAIL anyway you guys should definitely watch this it RocksONE PIECE-By AJA

Reviewed by Anime_Lover1 on April 12, 2014
Witch Craft Works (Anime)

Well this has got to be by far one of the best looking anime shows I've seen in a while. Yet Witch Craft Works still felt a bit dry, for all of it's pretty confetti there's an overwhelming Feeling of convention. That feeling for me, comes courtesy of the show's ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on April 12, 2014
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Nagi no Asukara (Anime)

Nagi no Asukara is focused around a group of four middle schoolers who live in a village under the sea and go to the surface for schooling, even with some hostilities between humans and sea dwellers for the former's abandoning of the seas to live on land. The series starts ...

Reviewed by Dream on April 3, 2014
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Accel World (Anime)

Accel World is a bit of a mixed bag for me to deliver my thoughts on. Taking place in a future where augmented reality is the norm with the younger generation, a bullied outcast named Haruyuki meets up with popular girl Kuroyukihime who gives him a game called Brain Burst ...

Reviewed by Dream on April 2, 2014
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Wizard Barristers (Anime)

Well, this was wasted potential. On paper, Wizard Barristers had a potentially interesting premise with its law office perspective on a world where wizards face discrimination and get wrongly prosecuted for crimes due to a flawed and sometimes prejudiced judicial system. The show starts off as an episodic look at ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 30, 2014
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