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Escaflowne (Movie)

Note: This review is of the English dubbed versionSetting:  The earth orbits the world of Gaea.The story takes place on a parallel world called Gaea, which is populated by humans and animal people. The world is set in an industrial fantasy setting with a hint of Asian influenced design in ...

Reviewed by crusader8463 on Dec. 5, 2009
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Baccano! (Anime)

Intro Baccano tells the story about one train and the various groups that want something from said train, with a supernatural twist. While this may sound like a, lets say incoherent cluster f**k the makers fo a great job of making an inthralling orignal story.  ReviewBaccano is more like a ...

Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on Dec. 5, 2009
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Claymore (Anime)

Note: The review processes for this series consisted of watching the English dubbed version from start to finish in three separate sittings over four days, without skipping any episodes or skipping ahead in the episodes themselves.    Setting:  Yomas:The story takes place in a very old medieval style fantasy setting, ...

Reviewed by crusader8463 on Dec. 5, 2009
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Gurren Lagann Vol. 003 (Anime)

Gurren Lagann Manga v3 Vital StatisticsTitle: Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannFormat: MangaStory: GAINAXManga: Kotaro MoriOriginal Publisher: MediaWorks Release InfoRelease Date: 12/02/09 (volume 3)US Publisher: Bandai Entertainment Inc.Translator: Shoko OnoLength: 186-200 pages per volumeMSRP: $10.99 per volume   Disclosure: This review is based on review copies courtesy of the publisher.The StoryOkay, I probably ...

Reviewed by gia on Dec. 4, 2009
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Itazura na Kiss 1 (Anime)

Vital StatisticsTitle: Itazura na KissFormat: MangaCreator: Kaoru TadaOriginal Publisher: Shueisha US Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing Release InfoRelease Date: 11/04/09Translator: Sachiko SatoLength: 300 pagesMSRP: $16.95  The Story Look familiar? Itazura na Kiss was made into an anime in 2008. Itazura na Kiss is a classic shoujo series from the '90s, so the ...

Reviewed by gia on Dec. 4, 2009
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School Days (Anime)

School Days is probably one of the weakest titles I seen out of 2007 with its train wreck build up and shallow characters. Outside of the diverse musical tracks used in the ending of each episode and the decent looking character designs, everything about it just screamed 'meh' in my ...

Reviewed by Dream on Dec. 3, 2009
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School Days (Anime)

School Days well I truly feel this is a gut instinct review seeing as its 2:45 AM and I just finished the 12 episodes. OK let’s get one thing straight if you enjoy life, feel love is blissful and true in any way or all the world is beautiful this ...

Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Dec. 1, 2009
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MegaMan NT Warrior (Anime)

Being a big fan of the Battle Network of the Megaman franchise, this series really attracted me. I was disappointed at some of the changes done, (I am not referring to the ones made in the English version).  But overall,  it was still entraining.  The first season was abit dull ...

Reviewed by SilverZeo on Nov. 29, 2009
Tsukuyomi Moon phase (Anime)

Tsukuyomi Moon phase is badly categorized "Fantasy" written by Keitaro Arima. It surrounds the adventures of a boy named Kouhei age gestamated 15 and a vampire girl named Hazuki aka Luna age gestamtaed 12 (don't get ahead of me people). This being the most generic and overdone plot idea ever ...

Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Nov. 26, 2009

Write from the beginning you as a viewer, are insnared by the amazing art style and action. The voice acting is superb and sounds authentic. I love the sense of imagination that the creator puts into every moment; the scenery is both lively yet gloomy but never lacks color. The ...

Reviewed by CorkscrewKid on Nov. 25, 2009
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