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Urusei Yatsura (Manga)

I pretty much started reading and watching this series simply because I was a major Ranma ½ fan and this was Rumiko Takahashi’s first major work, the one that made her rep as a manga writer and artist when she was like only twenty-one.That being said, I can see a ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on Jan. 13, 2014
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (Anime)

Like Gundam Wing, SEED got a great deal of hype and praise from fans in the early to mid 2000s among Gundam fans. At the same time, there are folks that accuse SEED of being a poor-man's Gundam 0079 with its blatant rip-off of story elements and structure from the ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 11, 2014
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Sword Art Online (Anime)

Alright guys, this anime has caused people a lot of trouble in the past due to it's controversy. I believe though it needs a unique review. I think I have a good plan on how to review it, but let me crunch some numbers. I'm getting a 33.3% repeating of ...

Reviewed by Delphic on Jan. 9, 2014
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Sword Art Online (Anime)

This post is going to contain spoilers, words, bad grammar and foul language.-------------There are numerous people in the anime community that have tried to paint the image that Sword Art Online is a bad anime. I can tell you that this in fact couldn't be further from the truth. Sword ...

Reviewed by Putemonsteret on Jan. 9, 2014
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Afro Samurai (Anime)

One of the … odder addition to the anime series out there; Afro Samurai is an ancient samurai revenge flick, a blaxploitation movie, and a western that someone stuck into a mixer and hit puree.The result is a bizarre sludge of stuff ranging from black samurais and ninjas, cell phones, ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on Jan. 9, 2014
Maken-ki! Battling Venus (Anime)

First and and foremost before watching any ecchi or harem anime, you have to know and understand what your getting into. It should be understood that when watching said anime you will be getting a ridiculous amount of fanservice, and a multitude of characters that are either not to bright ...

Reviewed by Delphic on Jan. 8, 2014
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Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i (Anime)

This one's a bit of an oddball. Zone of the Enders: Dolores offers up some original ideas and treatment of the mecha genre which carry enough hits and misses. Rather than being a young teenage boy whisked into battle with a mecha, our lead James Links is a middle-aged man ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 8, 2014
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Sekirei (Anime)

Sekirei is a anime that marketed itself as an ecchi/harem battle somewhat similar to ikki tousen. At the time, I have watch this expecting some good fights, ecchi comedy and some harem level romance. Aka I wasn't expecting much.imagine my surprise when Sekirei not only makes a better version of ...

Reviewed by LHWKnight on Jan. 8, 2014
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School Days (Anime)

I was introduced to this anime by my cousin. two years later I started to watch it. it had potential but it was ruined by makoto's sick ways which made me hate him. at the end of the last episode I still hated him but it's not his fault. sekai ...

Reviewed by samuka on Jan. 6, 2014
Mysterious Girlfriend X (Anime)

Different is a bit of an understatement describing Mysterious Girlfriend X with how the series goes about as a romantic comedy. While its saliva premise would have you think this is some sort of fetish anime, it actually serves to provide symbolism focused on the developments of Akira and Urabe's ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 5, 2014
7 out of 7 found this review helpful.
Madlax (Anime)

The second title made in Bee Train's well-known "girls with guns" trilogy, Madlax mixes supernatural mystery with its gun-action when a professional assassin and the daughter of a wealthy family become entangled in a conspiracy by a secret organization called Enfant having their own diabolical plans involving the two. First ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 1, 2014
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Twilight of the Cockroaches (Movie)

Twilight of the Cockroaches is a bit of an oddity for me to cover here thanks to its mix of live action and animated footage used for its run.The movie is focused on a colony of cockroaches who seemingly live a peaceful coexistence with the human owner of an apartment. ...

Reviewed by Dream on Dec. 28, 2013
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Future Diary (Anime)

A survival game where the participants use future telling diaries and the protagonist must team up with a psychopathic stalker girl in order to survive is a fun premise, and sadly that’s probably the only thing Future Diary got going for it.When it comes to execution on the idea the ...

Reviewed by Putemonsteret on Dec. 28, 2013
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