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Aiki (Manga)

IntroductionHello animevice it 's me with another review of a manga that I read a while back . This manga was a little different from what I read but it was a good read over all . The author has another manga that looks to have to same feel for ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 28, 2015
BAOH (Manga)

IntroductionHello animevice , it's me with another manga review . This time I will be review a manga that was done by the same author of Jojo Bizarre Adventure or JJBA for short. The manga is a 2 volume , 9 chapter series that was short but also a good ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 25, 2015
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Gunbuster (Anime)

The massive popularity of Evangelion has more or less become the face of studio Gainax. So maybe it's not too surprising that it took me so long to give this one a try. Yet I'm still shocked that such a flawless, master class, Mecha series was created by not only ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on Feb. 23, 2015
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Golden Time (Anime)

Have some rather mixed thoughts on this one. Golden Time is a romantic dramedy focused around our male lead Banri entering a law school to get caught up in some antics involving another student named Mitsuo and his rather aggressive childhood friend Kouko, who has an requited love interest in ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 22, 2015
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My Hero Academia (Manga)

IntroductionHello fellow vicers and welcome to another review by me . Now I know some other users have reviewed this manga but I think this series deserves an official one in the right place. I am sure most of you know that I like this series since my profile is ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 18, 2015
Guren 5 (Manga)

IntroductionHello animevice and welcome to my 4th review on here. Today I will looking at a new manga that came out a while ago but has not updated yet . I will be looking at a few things for this manga and talking about them so here we go! Volume ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 16, 2015
Guilty Crown (Anime)

After watching Guilty Crown's 22 episodes, I was left with a sort of disappointment in the fact that it became so forgettable towards the end of the series when the beginning had been so promising.It starts with your typical teenager, Ouma Shu, who manages to get involved with a faction ...

Reviewed by RampagingSimian on Feb. 15, 2015
Hellsing (Anime)

I can't believe I'm reviewing the original Hellsing. I liked Hellsing Ultimate and the manga but this series is shit. I'm only reviewing this because of a bet I made with my mate. The bet was that I could beat Sephiroph in Kingdom Hearts 2 on critical mode without a ...

Reviewed by Sasukeyagami on Feb. 13, 2015
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Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2009 (Movie)

Hello everyone! This is going to be a quick impressions on the Toriko OVA, produced by Ufotable. I remember in the Toriko discussions we had as a community, many wished MadHouse had done Toriko. I saw video posted by Jinbeifan. I looked it up and realized it was an official ...

Reviewed by takashichea on Feb. 12, 2015
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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Anime)

Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a romantic comedy-drama focused on our male lead, Sorata, forced to take residence at a school dormitory of eccentric students skilled in different talents. Upon becoming part of Sakurasou, Sorata has to wind up caring for a female resident named Mashiro Shina who is a ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 12, 2015
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Deadman Wonderland (Anime)

I love horror anime. There's so many good horror anime out there, Elfen Lied, Another, Shiki, Mirai Nikki and what I'm here to review, Deadman Wonderland. Deadman Wonderland is good. The only way to make it better would be to make a season 2. It's got a good story, great ...

Reviewed by Sasukeyagami on Feb. 10, 2015
Fairy Tail (Anime)

Fantasy, one of the biggest genres of basically everything. In fact in movies, video games and anime, there's always gonna be fantasy genre. In movies theres Lord of the rings and Harry Potter. In video games theres Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. In anime theres one of the biggest ...

Reviewed by Sasukeyagami on Feb. 10, 2015
Lucky Star (Anime)

I don't like the Slice of life genre. Why? It's just flat out shit. However my friend told me to watch Lucky Star. I was told it was by the same people who make The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I agreed to watch it. I watched it hoping to laugh. ...

Reviewed by Sasukeyagami on Feb. 4, 2015
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