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Shiki (Anime)

It has taken me a year to finally get down to watching Shiki; the first time it came across my table, i quickly ditched it after one or two episodes, finding the pacing of the story to be a little too slow for me. It wasn’t until i watched Another ...

Reviewed by katmic on June 5, 2013
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Anime)

This anime. Oh boy, what can I say about this anime? Other than it's total shit.Never before have I ever seen an anime that has such an asinine and ungodly feel to it that I literally would turn away from it for all time, regardless of not understanding the whole ...

Reviewed by LelouchCommandsYou on May 29, 2013
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The Hakkenden (Movie)

Note: My thoughts here cover both "seasons" of the Hakkenden anime.This is quite the underrated gem as I haven't seen many reviews of it mentioned online. Before I cover the highlights to Hakkenden, I might as well cover the obvious issue with the series in the form of its animation. ...

Reviewed by Dream on May 28, 2013
The Last Airbender (Movie)

I have absolutely no idea what the Hell M. Night Shyamalan was thinking when he put this movie together. How to best butcher and ruin a genuinely spectacular series? Because that’s what it felt like.Before anyone claims that I am biased by the original series though, I have to say ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on May 15, 2013
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The Guyver (Movie)

Before there was the Power Rangers … there was The Guyver. Made before CGI was viable, this live action adaptation of the Japanese manga was actually a fairly accurate on the basic story where an ordinary young man is thrust into the extraordinary when he runs across a strange alien ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on May 15, 2013
Firefighter! Daigo of Company M (Manga)

I stumbled across this series several years ago but it’s been a difficult task getting ahold of all of the volumes. It’s rather surprising to me that it doesn’t appear to be all that popular as it is as other titles such as Bleach, One Piece, or Naruto. This series ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 23, 2013
Katanagatari (Anime)

I love stories like this, that try to do something different while still staying the same; adding a little bit of creativity to an over used plot. I didn’t think it would work for my tastes but by the end of 12 episodes, i was hooked. And while i doubt ...

Reviewed by katmic on April 16, 2013
Death Note (Anime)

I am going to start off by rating the art and story line separately. I never usually give anything full stars because 9 times out of 10 there is always some room for improvement in my personal opinion.Art: 4/5Story line: 4.5/5The basic outline of Death Note is pretty clever if ...

Reviewed by xBlazingStar94x on April 8, 2013
Tiger & Bunny (Anime)

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with superheroes and I genuinely enjoyed this series as rarely do superheroes get explored in Japanese anime. What I truly liked was the freshness and originality of this series as it takes a look at just how would superheroes be treated ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 8, 2013
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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (Movie)

Based on the recent anime-inspired Teen Titans series, this movie was a suitable grand finale for the Titans as I felt that the final season didn’t really focus on the five core Titans as much as it was a guest star Titan-poolza where they tried to stick in every single ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 7, 2013
Teen Titans (Anime)

The Teen Titans weren’t the first group of superheroes but they were the youngest and consisted of the sidekicks to the older, more established heroes. Originally stylized as a Junior Justice League and each sidekick in many ways were simply a carbon copy of their mentor but they evolved and ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 7, 2013
Key the Metal Idol (Anime)

Here is a show that deserves every bit as much respect and remembrance as any other high concept anime from the 90's decade,such as Evangelion or Lain. Key is an unsung classic, somehow forgotten by the masses. what starts off feeling like a sci fi retelling of the classic fairy ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on April 7, 2013
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Batman: Gotham Knight (Anime)

This is a collection of animated stories featuring Batman with a rather strong anime influence, which makes sense considering that each story segment was done by a separate Japanese anime production company. But there is an appalling lack of cohesion and we get so many different and disjointed interpretations of ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on April 7, 2013
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