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Digimon Adventure 02 (Anime)

Compared to the first season, this second season of Digimon Adventures is a step down in quality quite heavily. With exception to Ken, the new characters lacked the depth and problems that the first season kids experienced. This is especially a problem with new kid Davis, who is portrayed as ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 20, 2014
Windaria (Movie)

So, I just finished watching Windaria. To be specific, it was the original Japanese version, subtitled by the [Live-eviL] fansub group. Another note, this review is spoiler-free.Well, let's start with the art. For a film from 1986, it looks VERY nice. The animation is smooth, varied, and has a lot ...

Reviewed by Vigorousjammer on Feb. 19, 2014
Guilty Crown (Anime)

Guess the rumors were true of this being as much of a train wreck with plot as Code Geass was and Guilty Crown sure loves milking its tropes and stealing plot setups from other anime. The premise of Japan being taken over by a corrupt foreign power and a mysterious ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 13, 2014
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Dai-Guard: Terrestrial Defense Corp. (Anime)

There have been any number of anime series that focuses on giant robots. Mazinger Z, Voltron, and Evangelion are a few that spring to mind. But never has there been an anime series that focuses on a bunch of office workers who save the world from evil monsters using a ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on Feb. 9, 2014
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Death Note (Anime)

At first I seen this anime somewhere on youtube then later I started to watch the series. This is one of the best anime ever. L is a very likable character since he's funny. L brought up a lot of hype. To me, I believe the second half was just ...

Reviewed by samuka on Feb. 7, 2014
My Heavenly Hockey Club (Manga)

Unlike a lot of shojo series which I can’t stand, this one is decent. It doesn’t try for absurd romantic entanglements. The main character Hana—a female is forced (somewhat against her will) to become a member of her high school's field hockey team. Unlike the rest of her female classmates ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on Feb. 3, 2014
Digimon Adventure (Anime)

Digimon is one of my guilty pleasure anime. Sure it has enough predictable elements: several children are on a journey where they see various monsters a la Pokemon, Digimon are beaten to the point of defeat until their owner finds the power within to give them a boost to beat ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 2, 2014
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Eureka Seven (Anime)

Before we get to this anime review, I would like to give a round of applaud to Funimation for recently picking up the license for this anime, as it is one of those anime that everyone showed see.I also would like to recommend subscribing to their website if you don't ...

Reviewed by LHWKnight on Feb. 1, 2014
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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Anime)

Aesthetica of a rogue hero had a pretty good first season, with some very good concepts like what happens to the hero after he beats the demon lord.It has a pretty interesting plotline and story with very good characters. Akatsuki is the hero who had gone rogue and decided to ...

Reviewed by LHWKnight on Jan. 31, 2014
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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (Movie)

I am continually disappointed with the Japanese’s attempt to anime-mate Iron Man and this animated feature follows in the pathetic footsteps of Madhouse’s previous 2011 Iron Man series.As far as the animation goes, America could definitely learn a few things about CGI from Madhouse as visually, this is one of ...

Reviewed by snowymountain on Jan. 27, 2014
Natsuyuki Rendezvous (Anime)

Talk about a big waste of potential. On paper, Natsuyuki Rendezvous's premise seemed like a unique one in its focus on a love triangle involving a young part-time flower shop worker, his older manager, and the ghost of his manager's dead husband. The dynamics of the triangle involved Ryosuke trying ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 26, 2014
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Valvrave the Liberator 2 (Anime)

Welcome to the second in my series of three Valvrave the Liberator reviews. If you haven’t read my review of the first season, you can see it here. For me, Valvrave has been a very interesting series, because I find myself pulled in two different directions. On one hand I’m ...

Reviewed by Delphic on Jan. 22, 2014
Valvrave the Liberator (Anime)

Let me start off by saying that what you are about to witness is not something that I normally do. Preferably as a reviewer, I like to watch an entire anime series and then review it as a whole; however, in the case of Valvrave the Liberator what we have ...

Reviewed by Delphic on Jan. 21, 2014
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