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Conflagration (Episode)

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Bee Train go back to mediocrity. After crossing the moral "point of no return", Zwei looks being doing well, maybe thanks to Claudia's caring attentions. On the other hand, Ein keep showing intermittent signals of emotions. Stone react cool headed and plan to expose Inferno's members infiltrated in ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 10, 2009
Now and Then, Here and There (Anime)

Now and Then, Here and There (NaTHaT) is an anime which explores human morals. If we were to suddenly be put in a way of life where its values are opposite to those you were born and raised on, would you be able to maintain those inner values as well ...

Reviewed by Dream on May 8, 2009
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Anime)

LOGH is an anime of epic proportions, for starters, is maybe the longest OVA ever with 110 episodes. Thats because is based on a 10 volumes novel. If you want an example of what is like, think in the Lord of the Rings. The history revolves mostly around the carrer ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 6, 2009
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (Anime)

The Premise Rock is still working for Lagoon Company, and has gotten the hang of Roanapur, a city that practically makes Mos Eisley look like the suburbs, in terms of violence, criminality, and organized crime. This season becomes darker as Roanapur finds itself receiving two most unwanted visitors, and Rock ...

Reviewed by Count_Zero on May 5, 2009
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Black Lagoon (Anime)

Having watched both seasons of the show on for a Where I Watch thread, I’d say it’s about time to pass judgement on the show, and how good it actually is. There’s enough of a difference between seasons for me to split the review between seasons as well. I’ll ...

Reviewed by Count_Zero on May 5, 2009
7 out of 7 found this review helpful.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (Anime)

Thousands of years ago the God of destruction ,Enka, died saying thats its child would destroy the world.Thousands of years later the potential children of Enka are found (some human , some not) and take part in the Peaceful Family Operation in order to discover who the true child of ...

Reviewed by lordhaseo on May 4, 2009
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Instant (Episode)

Warning! Spoilers ahead.These time Bee Train show real courage and made a 94.16% no game based episode and they make it good. No use of silly super power, no ridicule assassination plan and no use of fanservice. Of the first five, maybe the best episode:Tony Stone is old school Mafia, ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Assassination (Episode)

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Ein show the acting skills, it can play the cute girl or the bitch, Zwei play the old self, the clueless innocent boy come just natural. Where the episode start to look wild, is when Ein recklessly jump on the hood of a moving (most likely armored) car ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Practice (Episode)

Warning! Spoilers ahead.These episode feel more like an Initiation rite of passage ceremony. From acient times, the child, must to hunt down a dangerous prey in order to probe the wortiness to the elders and be accepted like an adult in to the group, if he cant, is discarded. Is ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Training (Episode)

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Training is super boring... in special if we dont get some technical fanservice, like talk about and practice with lot of different weapons and tactis or new secret moves/techniques. But the lack of action is replaced with relationships and the other fanservice. With short explanations, simple choices of ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 2, 2009
Afro Samurai (Anime)

After a bad review of Afro Samurai: Resurrection that somehow got front-paged, I decided to go back and look over the original series again, and ask myself why I liked this show in the first place. I guess I can start out with the obvious stuff: Samuel-motherfuckin-Jackson, Ron Perlman, Kelly ...

Reviewed by DocHaus on May 2, 2009
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Awakening (Episode)

Best moment of action.Warning! Spoilers. The first episode put a lot on action for get people hoked. The flashback of the past, work more or less well, but in my opinion it waste a lot of time and bullets in a chase for just get adrenaline running in Zwei. But ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 1, 2009
Asian Risshiden no Shima Kousaku (Anime)

Mushi-shi is an anime title that is quite serene and laid-back with its storytelling approach. For the most part, the show is an episodic series centered on Ginko's encounters with people who each have their own conflicts with the forms of mysterious life known as Mushi. Each episode provides a ...

Reviewed by Dream on May 1, 2009
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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