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Ultraman vs Kamen Rider (Movie)

n the first episode of the series he witnessed the murder of a scientist at the hands of a Shocker kaijin named "Kumo Otoko" ("Spider Man"). He is then kidnapped and forced to undergo a procedure that turns him into a super-powered cyborg, but escapes before he can be brainwashed ...

Reviewed by miyukie on June 22, 2009
Eden of The East (Anime)

Eden of the East was the title I greatly anticipated for the Spring 2009 anime season and while not perfect, the show was a worthwhile roller coaster ride of a plot. The premise for this series is a fun one mixing the story of uncovering Takizawa's identity and the mysterious ...

Reviewed by Dream on June 20, 2009
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The Law of Ueki (Anime)

IntroLaw of Ueki is a tournament fighter anime that focuses heavily on comedy that manages to avoid the pit falls of most other anime of the same type.StoryUeki is a justice obsessed nonentity middle school who is chosen to take place in a battle tournament to decide the next god. ...

Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on June 18, 2009
Silent Möbius (Anime)

This is about a future were the earth is mostly not livable thanks to Lucifer Hawk.  They took over earth though another dimension called Nemesis.  This problem has took earth to the brink of apocalypse.   Their is team of the police in Tokyo called AMP that are they to ...

Reviewed by N15PCA on June 16, 2009
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Sword of the Stranger (Movie)

   Lisenced by      Bandai EnterainmentDirected by       Masahiro AndōWritten by         Fumihito TakayamaFormat               DVD/Blu-RayRelease Date    June 16th 2009Some apologies are in order. As to be expected, technology can rarely be trusted, and a bad rendering in iMovie turned our review a little choppy. However, the content is still in order. ...

Reviewed by John_Martone on June 13, 2009
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Emma - A Victorian Romance (Anime)

It is obvious that the writers of Emma did their research - this one-of-a-kind anime will take you back into Victorian times, from the scenery to the lifestyles of all of the characters.   You won't find any of the crazy, supernatural, physics-defying, or nonsensical action that is inherent to anime ...

Reviewed by SEXYTRON on June 12, 2009
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Superflat First Love (Movie)

A while back I reported on an anime video that was being produced to celebrate Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton's partnership, titled Superflat First Love. That video is now up on YouTube for your perusal.The video has a storyline, which goes something like this: a Japanese schoolgirl (Rei- and Asuka-style ...

Reviewed by gia on June 11, 2009
Gene Shaft (Anime)

This anime has very few redeeming qualities, if any.  Its graphics are cheesy even for its time, the story is terribly bland, it has a godawful soundtrack comprised of misplaced electric guitar riffs, and you won't really care about any of the characters. I would go over some plot points, ...

Reviewed by SEXYTRON on June 10, 2009
Solty Rei (Anime)

There are not too many anime series that I even give a second glance these days - sometimes it seems that this industry has gotten so lazy and mass-produced that more focus is put on what will (or might) sell than good, original writing, artwork, graphics, and a solid story.  ...

Reviewed by SEXYTRON on June 10, 2009
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Ghost Hunt (Anime)

This is a slightly more un-sung series than most of my past recommendations, but FUNimation's Ghost Hunt-- not to be confused with Production I.G's Ghost Hound, a very different show that came out six months after Ghost Hunt ended –is a really solidly enjoyable show, even for those less interested ...

Reviewed by gia on June 10, 2009
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The Place Where Heroes Gather (Episode)

Kenichi Shirahama is always being pushed around and is called weak legs by his classmates (Shirahama sounds like the Japanese word for weak legs).  One day on the way home he tries to help an older man being mugged.  As he goes to help and is about to be beaten ...

Reviewed by domainman on June 9, 2009
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