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Parasyte -the maxim- (Anime)

Parasyte is a bit of an oddity for a recent anime title in that it is adapted from a manga series made a couple decades earlier whereas the majority of anime adapted from manga are based on ongoing and recent manga titles. In this sci-fi thriller, high school student Shinichi ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 25, 2015
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World is Still Beautiful (Anime)

The World Is Still Beautiful is a shoujo fantasy romantic comedy-drama set within a fictional land where a princess of the Rain Dukedom named Nike is arranged to be married to the Sun Kingdom's young ruler Livius in order for the Rain Dukedom to maintain its sovereignty. The series is ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 24, 2015
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Hellstar Remina (Manga)

Well, here is review #3 friends. Since I've reached the magic number, I'll probably stop numbering them from now on.Hellstar Remina is a one volume short horror series surrounding a young girl and a horrendous monstrosity. The girl who's name is Remina is the daughter of a wealthy and highly ...

Reviewed by taichokage on March 24, 2015
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Hayate the Combat Butler (Anime)

Synopsis: A fun comedy series, though unless you're in Australia you're probably not going to be able to watch this dubbed.

Reviewed by Count_Zero on March 24, 2015
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (Anime)

Natural catastrophic events intrigue me. In fact I would go so far as to call myself a fan. Why? Well, curiosity. I would compare it to my curiosity with fainting; I have never fallen unconscious in my life. And I have always been curious  about the experience. Is it like ...

Reviewed by katmic on March 24, 2015
Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing (Anime)

To call Fam the Silver Wing a cash grab for Gonzo to milk off the popularity of Last Exile is sadly an accurate statement to describe this series. Gonzo had just recovered from declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy at the time they started production to this series and it looked like ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 20, 2015
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Anime)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (which I'll call LotGH for the rest of this review) offered up perhaps the most expansive developments I've seen with an anime in my ten-plus years of anime fandom. With a very large cast of characters; in-depth focus on political ideologies and military strategies; an ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 20, 2015
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Black Bullet (Anime)

Welcome everyone! This is going to be a short review compiled from my experiences and exchanges with the gang at the Black Bullet Discussion. Wish I had done this with the anime fresh on my head.PlotThe series revolves around Rentaro and his partner, Enju, and their experiences with a war ...

Reviewed by takashichea on March 20, 2015
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Sword Art Online II (Anime)

(NOTE: I am only noting the best parts of this anime. Do not criticize me because I am not including any of the cons of this anime)When I first looked at sword art online 2, I expected to see the fan-fic of a anime I saw last time around. This ...

Reviewed by DurstArctic on March 20, 2015
Beyblade G-Revolution (Anime)

IntroductionHello animevice it's me with another review but this this time it's an anime review rather then a manga one LOL. Out of all 3 season of this series I like this a lot followed by season 2 . This was the last season with the blade breakers / team ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on March 17, 2015
Legend of Tyr (Manga)

IntroductionHey folks , it's me with mt 8th review on aniimevice. Today I will me review a Koren comic (manwha) in manga format , well in a way to be the case. This manga had some good things to it that I enjoyed with some I did not .There was ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on March 15, 2015
Zettai Karen Children (Anime)

Zettai Karen Children is a shounen action-comedy focused on a government organization called BABEL tasked with serving as mediators in hostilities between espers and humans. Among the organization and main focus of the series are a trio of powerful esper 10-year old girls called "The Children" who are chaperoned by ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 9, 2015
Aiki (Manga)

IntroductionHello animevice it 's me with another review of a manga that I read a while back . This manga was a little different from what I read but it was a good read over all . The author has another manga that looks to have to same feel for ...

Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 28, 2015
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