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Today, I just came home from Church and worked on the Summer 2014 Guide and its trailers with my teammates all day long. I didn't get a chance to watch any harem and reverse harem shows.

Kamigami no Asobi

Got to explore Apollon's route in the series. It's always the blond ones that are clingy. After Balder who seems normal, I expected Apollon to have something crazy. He doesn't have the crazy thing like Balder had. Apollon has been haunted by his dead girlfriend. I thought it was going to turn out like Inuyasha's Kikiyo and Kagome. No, it turn out cool. I loved the change on Yui's face when she got possessed by Cassandra.

Apollon: Fairy don't leave me. I get lost because you're my sun in my world
Apollon: Fairy don't leave me. I get lost because you're my sun in my world

Check out the Kamigami no Asobi Discussion! RavenBuster is doing a great job on the wiki page. I see her uploading cool pics weekly.

Kanojo ga Flag Oraretara


  • Robot Fight - Loved the little Ruri bot
  • Kick ass maids
  • Dumb Pillow Fight Scene

Brynhildr in the Darkness

Will Add Stuff later. I didn't get to watch it today.

I'll add something extra: Animedia and Newtype. I have been collecting posters for Daniel's Megami and Nyantype Magazines all year long. Share them with folks in The Ecchi Club. I get bored of the posters. It's the same ecchi theme: bath, undressing, hot spring scenes. Animedia and Newtype features shows I don't get to see spotlight in those two ecchi magazines. It gives more variety. There are more Japanese text which I can't read. I get to enjoy the cool posters.



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Welcome to the last La Storia della Arcana Famiglia weekly report! 12 weeks has passed so quickly, and the series is all wrapped up. Let's goes over the episode.


The day of the Arcana Duello is here! Who will the winner and the new Papa or Donna (the female mafia boss) of the Arcana Famiglia? Be prepared for the season finale of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia!

All episodes of this series can be watched legally on Crunchyroll.


Beware of spoilers!


Best yet predictable match
Best yet predictable match
  • We finally get the tournament and some action. Though, there's not much since Libertà and Nova's match along with Felicità's match with Mondo take up a lot of attention.
  • For Libertà and Nova fans, you'll love this episode. Besides those two characters, Felicità gains some closure since she saves her father and restores everything back to normal. She has matured well throughout the series.
  • For wiki, this is just me being weird. I got to see most of the stigmata except for Mondo and Elmo's. We'll never know what Elmo's Arcana Powers are unless you guys play the game or read the manga. Feel free to fill me in.

Here's the stigmata shots.

I hope to complete the Arcana Powers wiki page soon. I didn't expect Luca's stigmata to be on his tongue because I thought Debito's stigmata would be under his eyepatch or his tongue.


Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
  • Characters missing in action: For fans who love Jolly, Debito, Pace, or Luca, you'll be sad with their matches and low spotlight. This series just favored Libertà, Nova, and Felicità. Though, I felt that Jolly had a more significant role than the three guys due to his past and involvement with Arcana Powers. It's such a shame that we don't see their fights in detail.
  • Unneeded flashbacks: We seen Libertà and Nova's flashbacks twice already. There's no need to play them again in this episode where we need to see new stuff and more action.


I expected more boom from Dante
I expected more boom from Dante
  • Debito and Luca's Arcana Powers are amazing. I thought Luca had a good chance because he pretty much nullifies other people's power. For Debito, he cheats with his powers.
  • Why was Sumire fighting? There was nothing to gain for her.
  • Weapons Match up: Even though most were swords, there were guns, a fan, knives, and a bazooka. I was stoked that Dante is using a bazooka, yet he misses Libertà. This means Dante is a bad shot. But, it's anime, so there's no logic.

Overall, this episode is fine and depends on you guys and gals. The action leaves a lot to be desired since you have flashbacks that stalled and were unneeded. A little action between Felicita and Debito, Pace, and Luca wouldn't hurt. The sword fight between Nova and Liberta is good but a bit mediocre. The best sword fight in the series was Dante and Liberta on the ship.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report and supporting the franchise.

Wiki Progress: I finished Ep. 12, and I have to add the right accent mark to Felicità and Libertà's names for each episode. Also, I have to make sure the formatting is consistent. For characters and concepts, I have to put it off later, or my teammates will tend to them or not. I have other wiki projects with teammates that need attention since this series is done.

If you fans out there have free time, my teammates and I appreciate any help on the wiki pages.

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  • Campione! Ep. 12
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Hi everyone! I'm Takashichea, a wiki editor who usually works on Shonen titles but work in other genre. (For those who haven't get the chance to know me).

This time, I have a question for you guys and gals.

Do you think reverse harem series that was started as an otome game have a good anime/manga adaptation?

An otome game is a game that is generally directed towards female audience. Usually, these games are dating sims for young women that have multiple routes/bachelors where the player plays the game to establish a relationship with the man of their choice.



Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alice in the Country of Hearts
Alice in the Country of Hearts

For Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise, they had multiple manga adaptations and a movie. For the manga, there is one based on the original game (Alice in the Country of Hearts) and the others are side stories that elaborate on relationships with other men. There is no anime series.

On seemingly ordinary afternoon with her sister, Alice Liddel is kidnapped by a rabbit who turns into a man that claims he loves Alice. After falling down the rabbit hole, the the man forces Alice to drink a "weird tasting" liquid from a little vial. The man, who introduces himself as Peter White, tells her that she is in Wonderland and can not go home and that she has to participate in the "Game". This "Game" governs Wonderland, giving specific beings 'roles' and 'faces' who must abide by the 'rules', and as such, Alice is a 'foreigner' which, by the 'rules', means all of the role-holders must love Alice. Alice is forced to interact with the inhabitants of Wonderland in order to fill a vial, that when it is filled, will allow her to go home if she desires.

By AestehticAmnesia

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia
La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

In La Storia della Arcana Famiglia's case, it has a anime adaptation but no manga series.

The story revolves around Felicitá who is main female lead, and she finds herself as the prize for Arcana Duello. Her father, Mundo, is retiring and hosts to tournament, and whoever wins this contest of Arcana Powers shall have the right to be new successor of the Arcana Famiglia (mafia) family and the right to marry Felicitá. Though, Felicitá objects and works hard to gain her independence and sovereignty in the family.

By BigHeart711 and Takashichea

My Experiences and Answer

I have been working on La Storia della Arcana Famiglia and Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise. I have been reading the Alice in the Country of Heart manga but not the other side stories. To avoid spoilers, the ending leaves a lot to be desired since there were many ambiguities and Lewis Carrol's novel is infamous for causing a lot of confusion. There was no route or relationship established in that series. For the side stories, I believed were created to cater to fans who support a certain gentlemen.

In La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, it's hard to say because the anime is still new, and I haven't play the visual novel game or the PSP version.

What I believed is that it's difficult to based a manga or anime on a Reverse Harem style otome game because you have multiple love interests/routes. You can't do multiple endings like you can do in a video game. The female lead tends to suffer because there is so much focus on the love interests.

My answer: They don't make a good manga or anime adaptation. I'm hoping Arcana Famiglia can change my views on this topic.

I wonder if harem series based video games face these similar challenges like Princess Lover!. It's probably same, but I will post a blog since harem manga and anime series tend to be more popular.

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Hello everyone! It's another beautiful Sunday as we start it off with La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. I'm Taka, a wiki editor, for those who are new to Anime Vice. I'm here with my Wiki Famiglia: BigHeart711 and Sonata and showcasing their works.


Il Comandante della Squadra Protezinite Animali

Felicitá and Libertà help Nova catch a white cat that Nova saved from being trampled by a carriage. In their little adventure, Felicitá gets help from the family members as they find the owner of the cat while she thinks about the upcoming Arcana Duello.

Bambina and her knights
Bambina and her knights

(Note: I didn't notice it was a flashback episode when I did the wiki work. Crunchyroll states it is flashback. My brain is fried by the wiki work and Church stuff)



Hmm, is this foreshadowing?
Hmm, is this foreshadowing?
  • Felicitá gets some time to relax, and the fans get to see the relationship growing between her and Libertà and Nova.
  • It's another exposition episode where you guys and gals learn more about the Arcana Famiglia people.
  • Plus, there's more tarot cards explained.


  • Being another exposition part 2, it still feels awkward with the guys reintroducing themselves and interrupting each other.
  • No action - It's hit or miss if you're bored or not. At least, it had some humorous moments.

Overall, this episode is good but not excellent. The episode acts like a filler, yet I find this episode good because it gives more attention to Felicitá who I think needs a lot of spotlight. In reverse harems and harems that are based on games, the potential love interests tend to be more developed and more interesting. For the lead of the harem, they are underdeveloped and their character is weak. A lot of times, you don't see the main character's face especially the male lead.


Please enjoy the highlights. More images can be seen in the episode 2 and character galleries.

Sonata has uploaded two cool transparent pngs, Felicita and Jolly.


Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard on this.

I thank BigHeart711 for working with me on the wiki project (he created the character pages and added info) and Sonata for uploading those cool transparent Png.

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