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Reverse Harem is a anime/manga concept
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Ace is an character in Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise. His job is to kill people and collect their clocks for Julius the clock repairer.

Alice Liddel

She is the main character from Alice in the Country of Hearts. The game's rule is she has to spend some time with mostly guys and a Queen who all have a different interest in her if she wants to go back home.

Astarotte Ygvar

A young princess succubus who, at the age of 10, must start her own harem.

Blood Dupre

He is the mafia boss of the hatter mansion/territory. He loves tea and made Alice uneasy at first because Blood resembles her former crush.

Boris Airay

A character that belongs to the Amusement park territory. He represents the Cheshire Cat and fittingly, has cat ears.


One of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku.


One of the contestants of the Arcana Famigila tournament and specializes in explosives, including his cannon.


He's a crazy Mafia dude in the Arcana Famiglia series.


She is the main heroine of La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia.

Haruhi Fujioka

An androgynous high school student serving in the school's Host Club.

Hikaru Hitachiin

The elder and less mature of the Hitachiin twins.



Contestant for the Arcana Famigilia Battles as well as a specialist in firearms.

Julius Monrey

He is in charge of the clock tower and allows Alice to live there. He is apathetic, but appears to have a soft spot for Alice because many characters mention how it is unlike him to give another person a place in his tower.

Kahoko Hino

She is the protagonist of La Corda D' Passo. With the help of the fairy Lili, she is able to play the violin despite having no skill. The catch is that she has to put effort into playing.

Kaoru Hitachiin

The younger, slightly more honest, arguably more mature of the mischievous Hitachiin twins.

Kazuki Hihara

Keiichi Shimizu

Kyo Sohma

The Cursed Cat of the Sohmas

Kyohei Takano

A stubborn narcissist that has very little patience for anything or anyone. Unlike his other three friends, he has no "charm" of any sort to hit on girls with, only his looks and bad attitude.

Kyouya Ootori

The raven-haired and bespectacled vice-president of the Ouran High School Host Club.


Liberta is a blonde man who is quite brash. He is devoted to Felicitá.


Arcana Famigila member and bodyguard for Liberta as well as one of the contestants for the tournament for her marriage.

Mary Gowland

He is the owner of the amusement park in the Country of Hearts. He and Blood fight over territories.

Miaka Yuuki


Mitsukuni Haninozuka

A cute blonde high school senior who happens to look 1/4th his age and love cute and sweet things.

Nightmare Gottschalk

Nightmare is the entity that the inhabitants (ones with duties) of Wonderland sees in their dreams. He has the ability to read one's thoughts/heart.


Nova is Felicità's cousin and a skilled Mafia follower in the Arcana Famiglia series.



Pace is another Mafia member in the Arcana Famiglia series.

Peter White

He kidnaps Alice and got Alice stuck in Wonderland. He loves her and Alice does not.

Pierce Villiers

He is the "Dormouse" in the Alice in the Country of Hearts manga.

Queen Vivaldi

The Queen of Hearts who rules over the Castle of Hearts. She enjoys decapitation and loves stuffed animals.

Ranmaru Morii

He's a playboy who comes from a wealthy family who own a series of hotel chains. He more often goes for older and sometimes married women.

Ryotaro Tsuchiura

Ryuuki Shi

Seiran Shi

Shigure Sohma

The Sly Dog of the Sohma Family Curse

Shuurei Kou

Sunako Nakahara

One of the Mains of The Wallflower. She has an unsetteling level of bad manners that her roomates have to fix.

Takashi Morinozuka

A tall, quiet, dark-haired high school student.

Takenaga Oda


Tamaki Suou

The melodramatic king of Ouran High School's one and only Host Club.


Tohru Honda

The Outsider Who Accepted The Cursed Sohmas

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dee is the twin brother of Tweedle Dum, and they both work as gate keepers for Blood Dupre.

Tweedle Dum

He is the twin brother of Tweedle Dee, and he and his brother work for Blood Dupre as gate keepers.

Yuki Sohma

The Handsome Rat of the Sohmas

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