Revenge is an anime episode of Afro Samurai that was released on 01/04/2007
In the beginning, a young Afro Samurai watches his father, the wearer of the "Number One" headband, promising him that soon it will all be over. After saying this, he proceeds to battle the wearer of the "Number Two" headband, a vicious gunman known only as Justice. The father tries his hardest, but Justice reveals that he has a third arm, and uses it to cut off the swordsman's head, taking the Number One headband for himself. Dropping the Number Two headband, he takes the Number One headband and proclaims that he will "rule this world, as God himself." The young Afro Samurai is left staring at his decapitated father's head, while Justice taunts him, saying that if he wants revenge he should grow stronger and come back to challenge him.

The episode skips ahead several years, featuring a fully-grown Afro Samurai wearing the Number Two headband and battling off a legion of thugs who seek to kill him and take his headband for themselves. Afro manages to kill them all in a dramatic fight sequence, while an old man with night-vision goggles and a cell phone watches him from afar. The man is later shown to be Brother #2 from the Empty Seven Clan.

The scene then switches to a nearby bar, where a small, panicked man runs in and tells everyone that the Afro Samurai is nearby. A soft-spoken man in the bar asks what the big deal is about Afro, and the bartender proceeds to tell him a brief story of the legend of the headbands and the Afro Samurai. She informs him that the wearer of the Number One headband supposedly gains the powers of a God, and the only one who can challenge that person is the one who has the Number Two headband. However, while only the Number Two can challenge the Number One, anyone can challenge the Number Two and take his headband for themselves.

After the story, a small barfight breaks out, as the warriors in the bar all try to prove that they should be the ones to challenge Afro, until Afro himself walks into the bar and asks for a cool glass of lemonade. A big, strong man smashes Afro's glass of lemonade to provoke him into fighting, only to get smacked in the face by Afro and sent sailing into a nearby wall. Afro orders another glass and gets a clue from the bartender on where to head next.

As Afro heads to the top of the mountain, his companion Ninja Ninja notices the soft-spoken man from the bar following closely behind. Afro decides to confront the man, who reveals himself as another warrior seeking the Number Two headband from Afro. He then uncovers his weapon: massive crossbow armed with several bolts and an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher. Ninja calls Afro crazy for challenging him, but Afro dodges most of the enemy's attacks and stabs him in the forehead.

Afro tries to light up a cigarette to relax, but then falls to his knees. Ninja notices that one of the crossbow bolts grazed him, and was probably tipped with poison. Meanwhile, somewhere higher up the mountain, Brother #2 and Brother #6 of the Empty Seven Clan are seen spying on Afro, and #6 decides to try killing Afro in his weakened state by pulling out an RPG and firing at him. Afro manages to cut the projectile in half, but the explosion still causes the cliff to crumble, sending Afro and Ninja tumbling down the mountain.

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