Revenge is an anime episode of Solty Rei that was released on 11/24/2005
Rose Anderson might be an awesome thief, a modern-day Robin Hood, but she is terrible at persuasion. She has a bet with her brothers that she will convince Solty to join their gang and become a thief in just three days, but then proceeds to tell everyone within the house about said plan, and then gets frustrated when she finds it doesn't work. Even bribing Kasha with gifts to make her give a tearful confession falls flat when the others notice the expensive perfume and the giant jeweled ring on her finger.

So Rose decides to sit on a bench in the park and hum a tune to herself. A short moment later, an "elite" man with a half-mask on his face from the RUC (IMPORTANT CHARACTER) starts hitting on her and takes a seat on the bench next to her. However, Rose gets embarrassed and leaves to go back to the Solty job. Apparently, her big idea is to get Roy Revant to sign a contract she hands him, but then he skims over it and tears it in half before tossing her out. Rose goes for a more subtle approach by tying Solty up while she sleeps, except that Solty unconsciously breaks free of the ropes with her super-human strength and continues sleeping.

The next day, Rose fails again at her sales pitch, and then pulls a gun out on a public street (seriously? and no one reacts?) in Roy's direction, but when he smacks it away she claims that she was pointing it at another man who just got away. Rose recuperates at Solty's house, but then decides to hit the street and take down that man. Roy ends up finding the same man after tracking down her brothers (with the address printed on the torn contract from earlier) and asking them for the information. Apparently, the man was named John Kimberlin, and was the one who apparently murdered her best friend and her (friend's?) parents.

Sure enough, Rose tracks Kimberlin down, and tries to shoot him with her laser pistol. However, Kimberlin has Resemble arms that transform into metallic blades with reflective coating so that the laser shots simply bounce off of them. Even when Rose has a chance at the back of his head, he simply weaves out of the way before Solty and Roy come in to help her. After Solty knocks Kimberiln on his back, Rose threatens to run his head over with her incredibly long motorbike, but Solty and Roy beg her not to do it so instead she just screams at no one in particular.

In the end, Roy takes Solty and Rose home in his car, while one of her brothers pledges a mutual exchange of information sometime in the future. As Roy drives off into the sunset, the brother puts a round in Kimberlin's head.

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