Chiaki visits the grave of her former lover.

Detailed Summary

Fumika, Kaname, and Natsuka goto the hospital that human Fumika is staying at for a visit. While there, Chiaki stops by and asks Fumika if she would like to go to an island with her. She agrees and the others go as well.

While there they meet Touko Shirakawa, a woman who is visiting the grave of her grandfather, Saizou Kiyosumi. Saizou is the man that Chiaki had fallen in love with when she was a human. Saizou was on the verge of asking Chiaki to marry him, but she died in a car crash before he had a chance to.

When visiting his grave, Chiaki notices that her name is written on it as Saizou's wife. Fumika appears and Chiaki finds out that the grave is actually a Shigofumi to her, from Saizou.

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