Reunion is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 02/23/2014
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Plot Summary

MangaCh. 176-178
Theme Music
Ending"With You/ With Me"
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While Irene and the other magicians are taking care of their wounded, Mu transforms into his Djinn Equip form. Lo’lo and Myron explain that Mu’s transformation only lasts one minute. This move was reserved for taking down the capital. Mu breaks through the first barrier with ease. Mu uses Bard Rohm and dashes towards Aladdin. Aladdin blocks it by concentrating his Borg on the tip of his staff. Aladdin attempts to fight back with his staff; however, his staff breaks apart due to Mu’s spear.

Before Mu uses his Extreme Magic: Bard Longineus, Alibaba intervenes and saves Aladdin at the last moment. Myron reminds Alibaba that he had turn the Leam Empire against him because of his actions. Alibaba argues that this is his friend. Then, Scheherazade arrives to the scene, and she orders her forces to stand down once she sees Aladdin shares the same view as Yunan, avoiding the calamity. Aladdin argues that Matal is the last trigger.

In neutral territory, Scheherazade, Titus, Aladdin, and Alibaba talk privately in a small boat. Aladdin and Alibaba share their impressions of each other. Alibaba notices Aladdin got taller. Though, Aladdin is standing on his tippy toes. Aladdin remarks that Alibaba hasn’t change which causes Alibaba to lose his composure. Titus watches Scheherazade enjoying Aladdin and Alibaba’s conversations with a big smile. As night falls, Aladdin points out that this Scheherazade is a clone. Scheherazade confirms Aladdin’s statements to be true, and she explains that her true body is resting back at the Leam Empire. She is too old to move. When Alibaba asks about her real age, Scheherazade replies that she is 268 years old. Aladdin states that Matal might make Al Thamen’s wishes come true. He talks about Alma Toran where the world was consumed by the Black Spot. King Solomon helped create their world and move the survivors from Al Toran to there. Because of the hatred towards magicians, the amount of Black Rukh generated from that along with Magoi that Matal has supplied might recreate the Black Spot. Alibaba asks Aladdin why he withheld this information and smacks Aladdin.

Scheherazade grabs Titus to speak with him privately. Scheherazade remarks that Alibaba reminds her of a friend, a great general. She states that she continues to be Leam’s Magi because she love her home. She watches her empire like it was my child. She expects her children to think like her, but she realizes she has been a fool. Titus remarks that Scheherazade was like his mother. Scheherazade apologizes to Titus because she and him will not live for long due to the real Scheherazade’s real body will not last any longer. She urges Titus to live his days to the fullest. She then informs Alibaba and Aladdin that they will withdraw her forces by day break. A messenger arrives and reports that Kou Empire has arrived with a formidable force. Meanwhile, Matal makes up his mind and decides to take care both of Kou and Leam Empire.

Points of Interest

  • Due to the Sochi Olympics, episode 20 will air 2/23.
  • 161 2 class magicians and 89 1 class magicians were killed.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Mu kills a few magicians and wounds Mohja.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
9nine ED Song: With You / With Me
ViViD OP Theme Song: Hikari


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