Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord #2 - REUNION, An Illusion?

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on

Plot Summary

After being swept outside of the God-Sealing Barrier, Lina Inverse travels with the mysterious young swordsman Lyos and re-united with Gourry on her way to the Imperial Capital of Ti Toh. Located there is the headquarters of the acting governmental system, the Church Of The Aqua Lord, which preaches fierily to the Aqua Lord. Hunted by the church as outsiders in a foreign country, Lina and company are held captive, when.

Table Of Content

07 - ARRIVAL, At Ti Toh

08 - REUNION, An Illusion?

09 - BURNING, Ti Toh

10 - HUNTING, For "Divine Power"!?

11 - LOST, In The Forest Of Phantasms

Spells Use

Lina InverseSleeping
Van Rail
Vice Flare
Dragon Slave
Blast Wave
Val Flare
Rune Flare
Balus Rod
Amelia SailluneRa Tilt


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Hajime Kanzaka writer,
Tommy Ohtsuka artist,
Rui Araizumi other,


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