Return to Highton View Terrace

Return to Highton View Terrace is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 09/26/1999

After just barely making it through the doorway that Myotismon entered, the group find themselves back at their summer camp, now with their Digimon, just mere minutes after the freak snowstorm which preceded their departure for the Digital World. It feels as though weeks have passed which baffles the children, but they understand that time flows differently in the two worlds. Disguising their Digimon as stuffed toys they found on a mountain path, the group meets with their teacher who tells the children to pack up their belongings. They learn camp has been closed due to the snow. After weaseling their way out of a conversation involving their Digimon the group meets up with the other camp kids waiting by the buses. The Digimon partners are shocked to learn that there are millions of other kids around the world. The DigiDestined then persuade their teacher to drop them off at Highton View Terrace, and after Tai’s begging, T.K.’s crying and Joe pointing out his responsibility their teacher agrees to the children’s wishes. The kids find out that their Digivices are still working in the real world. Their teacher is equally interested are after grabbing one out of the children's hands Tai fears that the adult might break it, but soon learns there is nothing to fear. Meanwhile Gatomon is on the prowl with a tag and crest, looking for the eighth DigiDestined. Myotismon is impatiently waiting in a secret hideout and is not pleased to hear the child has not turned up. He reveals that he has created many copies of the eighth child's crest, but only he has the original.

After the kids find their way to Highton View Terrace, they soon discover that they all used to live there at the same time. They try to make a conclusion about the strange coincidence but must escape when some of Myotismon’s henchmen appear. A Mammothmon, one of Myotismon's destructive recruits is soon spotted across town, and is running amuck. The kids are far enough away that they don’t hear him, and continue on their nostalgic journey. When the group is contemplating their connection Joe points out that although he didn’t know Izzy at the time, he surprisingly knows why Izzy moved after living in the condo complex only one year and just as he is about to reveal why, he is interrupted. The rampaging Mammothmon approaches and Biyomon digivolves to Birdramon and later Garudamon to face him. As the battle ensuues, T.K. is the first to be reminded of a similar battle that happened when they all lived in the area. The other kids soon remember the battle too, remembering it was between Greymon and a bird-like Digimon, but after the fight they disappeared. When Mammothmon is defeated, the group concludes that they were chosen as the DigiDestined after witnessing a Digimon battle at Highton View Terrace four years ago. They also conclude that the eighth DigiDestined must have also witnessed that same battle.

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