Return of the Morning Mist

Return of the Morning Mist is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 04/28/2004
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Search for Tsunade Arc

Return of the Morning Mist - 朝霧の帰郷 (Asagiri no kikyō)

Orochimaru's plan to destroy the Village Hidden in the Leaves is stopped. But the damage is extensive and work proceeds quickly to make repairs. As the elders rush to choose a new leader, Jiraiya has the best person in mind for the job; and a long lost soul returns home with a special purpose.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

In the Land of Fire, the mist fills the air in a thick fog. Two figures in dark cloaks and conical hats walk toward a side gate of the Hidden Leaf Village. A bell chimes as one of them walks. When the guard tries to stop the men from entering, the shorter one glances at the man and he becomes drowsy and falls asleep.

Later that same day, the Hidden Leaf Village is still devastated from the attack. Sasuke is looking on an image of himself from the past wondering why his mother and father died. Cursing how weak he was as a child, he throws a kunai knife and the vision disappears. in the woods, Naruto is back at training. With the morning training over, he runs back into town. There he finds Konohamaru looking at the carving of his grandfather, the Third Hokage, on the Hokage Mountain. Naruto calls out to him, he turns and wipes his eyes. Naruto asks if he's back taking lessons at the Ninja Academy, but Konohamaru answers that the buildings are still damaged. Each of them act a bit awkward as they try small talk, and Konohamaru suddenly says that he doesn't feel lonely. There is no time to feel lonely as the village needs to be rebuilt. He's going to help in any little way he can, so he tells Naruto that he better train hard or he'll become Hokage before him. Naruto shoots back that he'll be Hokage and that Konohamaru still hasn't graduated the Academy yet. He pulls into his pocket and gives Konohamaru a ticket for free Ichiraku Ramen. Surprised, Naruto tells him that he has another one. he thanks Naruto and runs off when Moegi and Udon call after him. Now, Naruto runs off for some ramen then more training.

A great distance away in the Land of Wind, members of the Hidden Sand Village have discovered something in the desert. Vultures are flying over head. The Sand Jonin, Baki is shocked at what he finds. It's the bodies of the Kazekage and his guards. From the looks, they have been dead fora long time. Since even before the Chunin Exams. Baki realizes that Orochimaru plays the role of the Fourth Kazekage and tricked them into war with the Hidden Leaf Village.

At the Hidden Sound Village of Orochimaru. He curses the Third Hokage and being tended to by his disciple, Kabuto. He tries to comfort his master for being able to survive and kill two of the Kages, but Orochimaru doesn't like being talked to as a child in need of comfort and threatens to kill Kabuto. He apologizes and says that they may not of destroyed the Leaf Village. Orochimaru did manage to get his leash onto Sasuke. Orochimaru thinks that if he could of gotten Sasuke from the start he wouldn't have this problem of losing the use of his arms.Frustrated, he sees that as a dream that will never come true now. He talks about someone who is far stronger than he is. That's why he left a special organization. On one of the tables is a skeletal with a ring around the finger.

Back at the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke watches the clouds when a hawk flies over calling. He realizes that Kakashi is calling him. Frustrated, he gets up to answer the call, and Naruto is running through the streets. Elsewhere in town, the two cloaked men talk. One asks if the other knows the whereabouts of a certain person. He confirms he does, and the other says this should be easy. Later, Jiraiya is busy peeping on women at the hot spring bath through a telescope, but he's interrupted by two of the village elders, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane. Jiriaya just calls it research. He wonders what the two elders want with him, but they are surprised he doesn't realize. Smiling, he tells them not to make such scary faces. He already heard that the Sand Village wants to settle things peacefully, now. Since Orochimaru's manipulation was revealed. Both nations want peace, but their power was greatly diminished thanks to this battle. They don't know if any of the other neighboring nations may try and take advantage of this problem. The elders want to gather the top men to decide action, but need a strong leader. They need a Fifth Hokage right away and the feudal lord of the Land of Fire, and they decided on Jiraiya to take that role. After a second, Jiraiya refuses calling it not his style. Homura asks is a legendary Sannin isn't right for the job then who is? Jiraiya turns and tells them there is one more Sannin left. Tsunade. The elders look to each other and Homura admits she could do the job, but no one knows where she is. Jiraiya tells them that he'll find her and bring her back. He asks what they think and they agree to this plan. Though they want three memebrs of the Anbu Black Ops to join him. Jiraiya dismisses the idea of guards, but he does want to bring one person with him. he's found an interesting egg.

Outside Ichiraku Ramen in town, Naruto struggles to find his other free ramen ticket. the owner, Teuchi tells him that he'll need that ticket. Naruto wonders if he can Konohamaru the last one. A bell rings, Teuchi welcomes the new guest but no one is there. Outside a local dango shop, Kakashi is reading his "Racy Violence" book when Asuma and Kurenai walk by together. He greets them and mentions how they look good together. Kerenai blushes and says she's only there to pick up some sweets for Anko. Asuma asks what brings Kakashi there. As he glances sideways to the man in the black cloak with red clouds sitting inside the dango shop, he says he's there to meet with Sasuke. Upon hearing the name, the hand of the man with a ring on his finger twitches. Kuranai and Asuma look to see where Kakashi is glancing, and Asuma says it's rare for Kakashi to be waiting on someone. He asks Kakshi it it's an offering to Obito, but Kurenai has never heard that name. The other cloaked man with pale blue skin is also wearing a ring on his finger. Sasuke soon arrives but is surprised to see Kakashi there before him. When he glances inside, the men cloaked men are gone. He says he hates sweets. Kakashi looks to Asuma and Kurenai, they nod and are gone in a flash.

Itachi Uchiha returns to the Hidden Leaf Village with Kisame Hoshigaki
Itachi Uchiha returns to the Hidden Leaf Village with Kisame Hoshigaki

Naruto has stripped down to his shorts in Ichimaru Ramen to find that coupon. Elsewhere, the two cloaked men are walking by the river. They are stopped by Asuma and Kurenai in their path. Asuma knows they aren't from the village and asks what brings them here. The shorter man says it's been a long time since they last met. Asuma asks if he's a former Leaf Ninja. He lifts his hat to show his eyes and they are both shocked at the face they see and the eyes are the Sharingan. The man lowers his hat and opens his cloak to reveal himself. It's Itachi Uchiha, the brother of Sasuke and the killer of the Uchiha Clan. He wears a Hidden Leaf forehead protector with a large slash across the symbol. the larger man also removes his hat to introduce himself as Kisame Hoshigaki. Kisame tells Itachi that he must not be popular here. Kurenai knows of Kisame as a rogue ninja of the Hidden Mist Village. He's a suspect of covert activities and the murder of his nations feudal lord. They are both S-Class criminals in the Bingo Book. Itachi warns them both not to interfere with him. He doesn't wish to kill them. Asuma finds that funny given he murdered his entire clan. He knows there has to be a reason for his return. When he asks his purpose. Kisame slams his sword to the ground. He doesn't like Asumas tone and asks if they should kill them. Itachi mentions how they wont be able to leave smoothly. he tells Kisame not to over do it since his techniques stand out too much.

After a brief face off, Kisame attacked Asuma with his sword but he evades and blocks with his chakra baldes. Kurenai falls back and performs a genjutsu. She appears to disappear into the air. and Itachi focuses his Sharingan Eyes. With Asuma, he's amazed at Kisame's strength with such a massive sword. The blade pressed against Asuma's arm and Kisame introduces his sword as Samehada, Shark Skin. he pulls back causing the bandages on the sword to be sawed off and it cuts into Asuma's arm. Suddenly, the ground starts to swallow Kisame, and tree branches surround Itachi to hold him in place. Kurenai seemingly comes from inside the tree with a kunai drawn. She swings, but in an instant their places are switched. She's bound by the tree. He used a Genjutsu reversal. Before he can stab her, she bites her lip to drawn blood and break the illusion just in time to avoid his strike. He hair is cut by the ear miss, but he counters with a kick that knocks her into the river. Asuma is too busy with Kisame to look after her. She uses her chakra to stand in the water, but Itachi already behind her. Before anything further happens, Kakashi arrives behind Itachi.

In the fight with Asuma, he seemingly misses, but a cut appears on Kisame's face. Chakra can be seen extending from the blades to make them longer. Kisame counters with his Water Shark Bomb jutsu, but Kakshi counters with the same attack to cancel it. Asuma wonders why Kakashi is there. He says he knows he asked them to handle this, but felt uneasy. There are two Kakashis. One with Asuma and the other behind Itachi. Kurenai recognizes them as Shadow Clones. Itachi turns so they face each other Sharingan to Sharingan.

Back at Ichiraku Ramen, he found the ticket for ramen. He put it under his forehead protector for safe keeping and just forgot. To encourage Naruto's training, Teuchi gives him another serving of noodles. Jiraiya soon arrives.

Points of Interest

  • This episode is the last time that Anko Mitarashi is mentioned in canon material for the first Naruto anime, though she will appear in a filler arc that attempts to fill in the story of her past and a few cameos. Her next canon appearance will not be until the Naruto Shippuden anime.
  • This episode marks the first mention of the name Obito, the person Kakashi got his Sharingan eye from.

Ending Theme-

"Ima made Nando mo (今まで何度も)" by the Mass Missile

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Kurenai YuuhiGenjutsu Tree Binding Death (unnamed)
Itachi UchihaGenjutsu Reversal
Asuma SarutobiFlying Swallow (unnamed)
Kisame HoshigakiWater Style - Water Shark Bomb Jutsu
Kakashi hatakeShadow Clone Jutsu
Water Style - Water Shark Bomb Jutsu

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