Return of the Alchemist I

Return of the Alchemist I is an anime episode of Strike the Blood that was released on 02/28/2014

Plot Summary

Return Of The Alchemist I
RomajiRenkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ichi
TranslationReturn Of The Alchemist I
Light NovelCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Fight 4 Real"
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In a scientific facility, a mysterious man, Amatsuka Kou meets up with Kensei Kanase. Kou asks for his master's keepsake, Wiseman's Blood. Over at Yukina's residence, a Lion King Organization's Shikigami breaks in and drops a message. At a mall, Nagisa treats her old brother and her friends, Kanase and Yukina, to some ice cream. While the group walks through the mall, Yukina informs that Schneestrurm Wolfin's powers will be sealed for 4 days. She won't have to watch him. Then, Nagisa finds a women's lingerie store. Kanase wants Kojo to come with them, so she knows what type of women's lingerie he prefers.

When Kou Amatsuka arrives, he attacks Kojo. He explains that he will use Kanase as an offering. Yukina cuts off Kou's right hand. Kou Amatsuka absorbs a street pole to rebuild his hand before running off. When Kojo seeks out Natsuki, he runs into Astarte. He asks Astarte about what alchemists are after. At school, Akatsuki asks Asagi about the Adelard Mansion. Asagi thinks the data on the mansion has been deleted. She reminds Akatsuki that Yukina and her friends are away due to training camp. Asagi follows Akatsuki in the forest where Akatsuki gets attacked. Then, Natsuki finds Akatsuki pinning Asagi on the ground.

On the train, Yukina tells Akatsuki to not drink any girls' blood when she and Nagisa are away in training camp. Yukina takes Kojo to a love hotel's entrance and warps him to the Lion King Organization's headquarters. Meanwhile, Kou Amatsuka uses the Wiseman's Blood to make the painting into a portal. He thanks the men for saving him 5 years ago. After Yukina gives her lance to her master, a black cat, the black cat thanks Kojo for saving Avrora. Then, Asagi calls Kojo to help her find the earrings. Akatsuki realizes that she is near the monastery. At the monastery, the boss is thrilled that blood is enveloping him, thinking he would get power. Nina Adelard awakens and begins to devour the boss. With the boss dead, Kou welcomes Nina. Kojo tells Asagi to get out. However, it's too late. The monstrous being kills Asagi.

Points of Interest

  • Kou Amatsuka is an alchemist and a seeker of the truth.
  • According to Astarte, Nina Adelard use the power of Wiseman's Blood to obtain an immortal body and limitless magic.

Characters & Voice Actors

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