Rescue Caimie - The Dark History of the Archipelago

Rescue Caimie - The Dark History of the Archipelago is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 03/29/2009

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Rescue Caimie - The Dark History of the Archipelago - ケイミーを救え 諸島に残る暗黒の歴史 (Keimī o Sukue - Shotō ni Nokoru Ankoku no Rekishi)

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Camie has been kidnapped and Luffy and the others struggle to search the large archipelago before she can be sold forever into slavery. Sanji is desperate enough to call on the Flying Fish Riders for help.
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Episode Synopsis

Sanji is getting impatient waiting for Duval and the Flying Fish Riders. They eventually arrive, but Duval informs him that they have changed their name to the Rosy Life Riders. Sanji doesn't care and informs them that he called them because a mermaid was kidnapped. They are aghast at the idea of a kidnapping, but Usopp points out they used to do the very same thing.

Suddenly, Duval mentions he went to see some girls in town with his newly altered face. He tried to pick them up, but ran away laughing. Turns out Duval wasn't as popular as he though he would be. Sanji tells him that he could only fix his face. Not was was on the inside.

The topic gets back on track and and Sanji rides with Duval. Franky and Usopp ride with the others on the Flying Fish. Sanji asks how they are going to get the information they need, but Duval tells him that those in the same trade know each other well. As former professional kidnappers. He knows all the major players in the area. The others fly off and Sanji calls for full speed, but Duval tells him that his Motobalo is already at full speed, but it's more like a slow cruise.

At Sabaody Park, Chopper waits for Sanji and remembers he told him not to go anywhere. He tried to tell Luffy they should wait for Sanji, but true to form. Luffy didn't even wait to be told anything. He took Hatchan and Pappagu with him on a Bubble Bike to who knows where. Only Brook is still with him, but Brook seems to calm as if he doesn't realize what is happening. Brook explains to Chopper that they were told to wait. No matter how they act it will take the same amount of time. He thinks it's better to relax.

Usopp's group flies in and he is shocked by how at ease both Chopper and Brook are. Usopp knocks them both in the head and they are all off to pick up the other missing Straw Hat members.

Sanji is still with Duval at a snails pace as they keep moving forward. He wants to know why if he is the leader, why isn't he the fastest? Though Duval for some reason seems to of heard something different about his appearance.

At a hospital in Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro is taking the man who was shot by Charloss to get care. A doctor approaches, but seems to check for a collar first. This catches Zoro's attention about why a collar would matter. The doctor explains that treatment for slaves costs 50% more. He says it's often cheaper to just buy a new slave.

Zoro slams his sheathed sword down. He tells the doctor that this man is hurt, and that is all that matters. He asks the doctor rather forcefully if he plans to help or not. The doctor agrees.

Outside, Zoro sees rather disgusted with the island, and thinks it's about time to head back to the ship. He remembers the ship being parked at the #1 Grove, but he read it wrong before. It's actually #41 Grove. He is currently in #22 Grove.

Elsewhere. Luffy is searching the Human Shops for Camie the mermaid. The shop owner ties to tell them to stay out of such matters, but Luffy snatches the man by the collar and demands to know if anyone has tried to sell him a mermaid.

They look around to shop. There seems to be all kinds of people here to be sold.

The shop owner signals a guy smoking a cigar, and the man leaves somewhere. He approaches Luffy and the others and says he does have a mermaid to offer them. It turns out to be some man dress up as a fake mermaid. It was the man from earlier.

Luffy has now resorts to wander the streets calling out for Camie. The people and pirates in the streets recognize Luffy. Pappagu is crying immensely and blames himself. The amusement park is the perfect hunting ground for kidnappers. Luffy also remembers how happy Camie was in the ferris wheel, and he doesn't see any problem since it made her happy. Pappagu says it's dangerous for any mer-folk to come to this island. He only agreed because Hatchan was so determined to help Luffy. Hatchan cuts him off, but Luffy wants to know what is going on. Why it is that mer-folk can't come to these islands. Papaggu explains it isn't just kidnappers that are a danger to mer-folks. It's everyone here. The island's people have extreme prejudices against mer-folks.

In the malls of Sabaody Archipelago, it appears Robin has gathered information on the island and it's history. She tells Nami that it stretches back over two-hundred years. For some reason. mermaids and mer-folks were classified as merely fish and faced terrible persecution all over the world. This causes Nami to remember the Arlong Pirates that invaded her home in the East Blue. At how strong they are. Robin explains that the difference in numbers was just to great. No matter the power. This persecution had continued until there was some agreement what was made between the World Government and Fish-Man Island. Still, on the archipelago, the slave trade is quietly condoned.

Franky arrives to pick up Robin and Nami and to deliver he news of Camie's kidnapping.

Hatchan apologizes for causing Luffy just more trouble. Luffy tells Hatchan and Papaggu that there isn't a single reason for the to be sorry. he says they are his friends now, and he will save Camie.

Just then, the Rosy Life Riders appear to pick Luffy up. They jump on and head off to Camie's rescue.

At #1 Grove, There is the Human Auction House. the kidnapper Peterman delivers Camie to be sold. The top item was going to be a giant, but the worker is amazed to see a mermaid. Peterman leaves to get his money after the sale.

The Celestial Dragons, Roswald and Shalria are approaching the auction house. The worker requests that kneeling inside the auction house be put aside. Roswald agrees since it would make for such poor auctions. The worker leads them to the VIP seating.

Inside, Eustass Kid and his men are there to watch. He seems amused with the ideas of slavery and the Celestial Dragons. Jokingly, he asks Killer if they see someone interesting if they should buy them. One of his men points out that Trafalgar Law is also in the crowd.

One of the auction workers rushes into the office of the Auction House leader, Disco. he's there to tell him about the mermaid, Camie.

At the cages, Camie is struggling with her captures. One approaches with the collar, and Camie remembers how this kind of collar exploded on the man she saw earlier. She struggles even harder, calling for Hatchan.

Disco arrives to examine the new find. Defiant, Camie sticks her tongue out at Disco, and he smacks her to the ground for it. He tries to attack her more, but it held off to prevent the price being lowered due to injuries. She props herself up and screams that Hatchan will come and beat them all up bad. Disco calls to be the one to put the collar on her. One worker binds her to hold her still.

Just before the collar can be put on, a mysterious effect hits Disco. He just suddenly go into a panic and collapse. Inside the cages, a giant looks to an old bearded man with glasses. Saying it was Haki energy. The giant asks who he is, but the old man just says he is a Coating Craftsman, but on the screen it shows him to the the former first mate of the Pirate King Gold Roger, Silvers Rayleigh.

Points of Interest

  • When Papaggu is remembering the moments right before Camie's kidnapping. The scene shows Camie on a bench, but in the previous episode she was on the larger Bubble Bike.
  • In the manga version, when Law and Kid look to each other. Law flipped his middle finger at him. The finger was removed completely, but not Kid's line about what a rude person Law is.

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