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Request X And X Wish is an anime episode of Hunter × Hunter (2011) that was released on
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Fearful Reviewed by mrwhitex on July 18, 2014. mrwhitex has written 7 reviews. His/her last review was for Kill the Mad Scientist. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews.

like what the title says and i meant literally. this episode had a mix of emotions from exiting to frightening. in the beginning we have the 12 zodiac still discussing the election process as the star in it of Pariston of course who was trying leisurely to steer the election to his way as Kanzai who was already pissed off of Pariston tried to attack because of his provocation. I actually like Pariston, his somewhat cunning and sneaky and i really want to know why everyone is edgy of him, even the composed Cheadle who was worried of him. for the next event we get to see Killua arriving to his father so he can take Alluka, which we get to his their past. for Alluka i knew about her nen abilities but when i saw it beforehand i got seriously got frightened, i didn't think that the toll for the requests would be that much and even more for the loved ones of the wisher, yep alluka's is a force to be recognized and killua needs to be careful or otherwise his family and friends would be jeopardize. for conclusion the heat of the series is not lowing down. i hope to see alluka's ability in more details (( but not too close )).

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