Renzo Shima

Renzo Shima is a anime/manga character in the Blue Exorcist franchise
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Renzo Shima is a spy of the Illuminati.


He was Suguro and Konekomaru's friend. He loves pretty women. Like Konekomaru, his past is yet to be revealed. Like Ryuji and Konekomaru, he wants to be an Aria type exorcist.


Renzo Shima, who is created by Kazue Kato, has no information regarding any inspiration that the creator used to create him. He first appears in Blue Exorcist episode 3. His Japanese actor is Koji Yusa.

Story Arcs

True Cross Academy

Renzo is first seen in True Cross academy where he is attending to be an exorcist with his childhood friends, Ryuji and Konekomaru. Shima beomes friends with Rin Okumura.

He and his colleges are tested by his teacher Yukio Okumura and others. The tests involve defending and exorcising low class demons as well as learning chants. The first test involved outrunning a Leaper (demon toad) but does not show him doing the task because of Rin and Soguro's fighting, He along with Konekomaru tells Rin about Soguro's past and goal. Later in the night, he and the Exwires are told to camp in an old dorm to do studying over the night. The girls Izumo, Paku and Shiemi are going to take baths and Shima jokingly tells the rest of the guys including Yukio to peak on the girls with him.

Shima fighting a demon
Shima fighting a demon

The next day Shima is seen in class. He sees Soguro and Izumo arguing and tries to break it up but in the end everyone is punished by Yukio for bad behavior. They are punished to hold heavy like rocks in their laps and also learn to get along with everyone (mostly Izumo and Soguro) for three hours till Yukio returns from a "mission" afterwards the lights shut down and a demon attacks the Exwires. They have to work together to defeat it, Shima says that he does not know any chants so he instead will keep the demon occupied by fighting it with his staff while the rest finish their incantations to exorcise the demon. Later it was shown that it was all a test so they could learn how to work with each other.

Training Camp

Shima along with the other Exwires were asked to go camping for three days in order to do combat training. The first half of the training was to train for strength and the other half was a series of tests to see if they were ready for a real mission but Shima did not seemed happy about it. When they got to the forest, Shima was already exhausted and wondered to him self why was Rin so full of energy since Rin had no sign of exhaustion. In the night they build the tents and ate. Shima complemented on Rin's amazing cooking. After they were sent to do their training. Shima and the rest were told that they were supposed to find a giant lantern each (there were only three) and out of the three that succeeded on doing it they were qualified to train in the actual combat training. They departed and it is unknown to where Shima went but later he accidentally attacked Rin but also found Suguro and Shiemi. Shima said bugs were chasing him then he "lost" his memory and ran off. Shima along with Suguro got a text from Konekumaru that he had found one of the lanterns and to come over quick.

Powers and Abilities

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Koji Yusa
Brian Beacock
General Information Edit
Name: Renzo Shima
Name: 志摩廉造
Romanji: Renzō Shima
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Blue Exorcist #3
1st anime movie:
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