Renton Thurston

Renton Thurston is a anime/manga character in the Eureka Seven franchise
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The protagonist of Eureka Seven, Renton Thurston is the son of the hero Adrock Thurston and co-pilot of the LFO Type-Zero codenamed Nirvash.


Renton Thurston was born in the city of Bellforest on Earth. He is the son of the scientist Adroc Thurston, grandson of the famous mechanic and LFO engineer Axel Thurston, and brother to Diane Thurston. His mother is only mentioned once and seemed to have passed away before the series began, while Renton was technically still a baby. His childhood was full of what he considers to be a boring existence in Bellforest since nothing ever happens there. His father disappeared while he was still young, but most people refer to him as son of the great Adroc Thurston, who supposed prevented the destruction of the world at an event refered to as the Summer of Love. Left in the care of his grandfather, he and his sister continued to grow up in their hometown.

Years later, when Diane would join the military, he would meet his future hero Holland Novak due to the fact he dated his sister. However, she tried to follow in her fathers footsteps and solve the mystery of where he went exactly when he disappeared several years earlier. Becoming more distant with her brother and Holland, she leaves Renton around the age of six. Throughout most of the series, Renton refers to his sister as if he was telling her the tales of his exploits.

After that, Renton grew up alone with his Axel for the next few years as he matured into a teenager and became more apathetic to life. At this time, he fell in love with the counter-culture group the Gekkostate and its leader Holland Novak (unaware that he dated his sister years before). He also enjoys the sport of reffing, which is the equivalent of surfing on waves of air called Trapar.


Renton Thurston was created by Tomoki Kyoda as the protagonist in a mecha anime that was more about the personal journey than the mechas themselves. His name references two different characters in popular culture. The name Renton might refer to Ewan McGregor's character Mark Renton in the1996 film Trainspotting. 'Thurston' is a possible reference to the Thurston family in H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu.

Renton makes his first appearance in Episode 1 of the anime and Chapter 1, Volume 1 of the manga. He is voiced by Yuko Sanpei in the Japanese versions and Johnny Yong Bosch in the English versions.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Renton acted more like an immature child than a standard teenager. He considered his life to be boring and lifeless as there was nothing for him in Bellforest. He didn't want to join the military as everyone expected him to. Instead, he wanted to be a renegade like his heroes on the Gekko state and reff as opposed to doing anything that was considered responsible. Things began to change when he first met Eureka, who crashes through the roof of his house.

Renton has the tendency to overreact to problems since he thinks that they are always his fault. Holland has been known to take his aggression out on Renton and as a result, Renton becomes more withdrawn from others. In a fit of rage, he remembers that there are people inside the enemy LFOs that he destroys. He tries to flee from the Gekko and lives briefly with Charles and Ray Beams. He realizes though that he loves Eureka too much to be away from her as he makes his way back to the Gekko. He meets Eureka halfway there as they two understant they do love one another.

When the time comes to meet the Coralians, their relationship is put to the test since Renton has no idea for a while what it is he is supposed to do. He knows one thing though and that his love for Eureka is strong and will do anything to protect her and make sure she is safe. By the end of the series, Renton is shown to have grown from a childish teenager into a true man through his love and will to fight.

Major Story Arcs

Renton Joins the Gekkostate

One night after a dispute over Renton's future, an LFO dropped in and destroyed the Thurston household. Axel and Renton immediately recognized the mech as the typeZero Nirvash. Eureka, the pilot of the mech, emerged and Renton instantly fell in love with the girl that destroyed his home. Eureka claimed that she brought the Nirvash to the Thurston's garage to be repaired as there is some sort of malfunction with it. Axel laments as he knows the history of the mech as Renton gets to work on it. He attempts to woo Eureka with his knowledge of mechs and how the Nirvash lacks a Compact Drive, which he finds odd since one is needed in order for it to operate. He places his own Compact Drive into the mech and yet it does nothing.

However, the Gekkostate is known to be an enemy of the United Federations government and is subsequently fired upon once they find the location of its leader Holland Novak. Eureka invites Renton to come along, but he chickens out and declines. Axel gives him an item called the Amita Drive that will unlock the Nirvash's true potential. Renton rushes into battle on his ref board and meets with Eureka where he combines his Compact Drive with the Amita Drive, confesses his love for Eureka, and unleashes a power attack on the military simply known as the "Seventh Swell" which is a giant beam of light and rainbow discs.

Renton finds that he is invited by Holland to join the Gekkostate due to his ability to pilot the Nirvash as well as it was only when he piloted it that the full potential unlocked. Not to mention the Nirvash was built to house two pilots but Eureka was the only one up until that point that could pilot it. Once Renton gets to the Gekkostate does he find out a lot of things. He discovers his idols are a bunch of lazy slackers or out right cruel and that Eureka has three adopted children who begin to make his life a living hell since they want no one near their "mama".

Life Aboard the Gekko

Renton finds out quickly that being a part of the Gekkostate is not as luxurious and fun as he imagined it to be. Most of the other members of the crew make him do the grunt work around the ship from cleaning to doing meaningless tasks. Not to mention he has to sleep in a tent in the hangar since there are no available rooms for him at this point. The only person interested in him is the ships doctor Mischa since she wants to find a medical explanation on why Renton is the only other person who can pilot the Nirvash. However, with a few experiments, Renton finds that he has a bit of a weak stomach and vomits all over the cockpit of the LFO. The biggest challenge for him though are Eureka's three children, Maurice, Maeter, and Linck.

The three continuously pull pranks on him from drawing on his face to setting up small traps for him around the ship. They see him as a threat to their mother and want to do anything they can to keep him away from Eureka. Due to their antics at one point, they accidentally destroy the cloaking device of the ship which alerts the military to the Gekko's location. Renton overhears their plight and remembers how he did something similar when his sister dated and tried to keep her away from other guys. He decides to help them out by taking a massive surplus of paint the Gekko salvaged and goes to attack the military base, using the paint to jam their sensors and leave a bit of graffiti. Everyone considers his actions to be quite the feat but Holland locks him in the brig, stating that they have to punish him for disobeying orders. The kids are grateful and thank Renton for what he did and taking the blame.

Things continue to ebb and flow for Renton especially when the group decides to send him on a fake mission and ultimately gets humiliated in the end. Despite that, Renton is still shown to be a helpful member of the team by saving Talho from a group of thugs to assisting the Gekko in locating and extracting a priestess who was convicted as a terrorist who actually did nothing. Things begin to truly escalate though when the Gekkostate volunteers to help the Voderac priestess Tiptory to the city of Cuidades del Cielo. It is here Renton and Moondoggie find terrific waves to surf on but Holland reprimands the two of them as he pummels Renton. He decides to leave as Eureka chases after him. Although in the city, Renton discovers that the city is in utter ruins because of Eureka and Holland since they were given orders to destroy the city and kill the people. It was here that Eureka found and adopted the children and something she feels guilty about. Renton consoles her about this as he is able to summon the Nirvash and activate the Seventh Swell Effect to ward off the military. When Renton does get back to the Gekko, he confronts Holland. In turn, he becomes an official member of Gekkostate.

Strained Relationships

Life continues to go well for Renton as a bona fide member of the crew now. Things do begin to spiral out of control when the Gekkostate encounters a Coralian, which appears to be a massive torrent of trapar waves inside of a mushroom cloud. Renton and Eureka are sent out on the Nirvash to scout out the area but are met by Anemone in her own LFO The End; a mech that closely resembles the Nirvash. Attacking the ship, Renton nearly goes insane from the sound waves as he inadvertently triggers a reaction in the Coralian while trying to remove the Amita Drive, something Eureka prevents him from doing. While inside the bubble, he goes through lucid dreams and nightmares as he, Anemone, and Eureka are sharing a consciousness at this moment, invading each others lives. Soon, the Coralian dissipates as he emerges from the wreckage to try and nurse Eureka back to health. He runs into Dominic Sorel, who has a similar relationship to Anemone as the two reluctantly work together to help their ladies. The strain of Dominic working with the United Federations and an enemy to the Gekkostate. It is also during this time that the Gekkostate is crippled due to an attack by the military on their ship.

As the trapar waves around the world begin to disappear mysteriously, Renton, Matthieu, and Eureka meet up with his uncle who is a fruit farmer who grows a special fruit the Gekko has been craving for a while. It is here that Renton demonstrates his ability to pilot the Nirvash solo, something Eureka sees with jealousy and Holland views with discontent. The group decides to stay low in an abandoned mining town as Renton explores a mysterious house in a cave, looking identical to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. He has another bizarre dream where he apologizes to Eureka for what he did, something she responds to in the real world. After getting the necessary materials to fix the damaged ship, they run into a miner named Brittany who stayed behind when everyone else left. Renton connects with him since he knew Axel as the two hit it off. However, Brittany sees the Nirvash and tries to steal it, kidnapping Renton in order to use it. In the process, they accidentally alert the military who was scouting the area as Renton and the other members of the Gekkostate arrive to ward them off.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Johnny Yong Bosch
Yuko Sanpei
General Information Edit
Name: Renton Thurston
Name: レントン・サーストン
Romanji: Renton Sāsuton
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Eureka Seven #1
1st anime episode: Eureka Seven #1
1st anime movie: Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows
Aliases The Boy
Recent Movies
Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows

The humans are fighting against The Image and Eureka and Renton are fighting to make their dream come true.

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