Nozomi Fakes Leak to Announce Rental Magica (Not!)

Topic started by gia on April 24, 2009. Last post by Kuro 5 years, 10 months ago.
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Okay, that's not how it really happened, probably. But I'm still glad I decided to wait and check in with Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment before I posted about the rumored leak announcing that the company had acquired the license to the anime series Rental Magica. About five minutes later, the full press release was sitting in my inbox. Never let it be said things can't change in a flash here!

Nozomi has some pretty big plans for the Fall '09 release-- each DVD collection will include a 100+-page booklet with information about the series and its mythology; the books were included with the original Japanese release, too. They're also pulling a Haruhi and offering the show in two different orders, the broadcast order and the actual chronological order.

The official website has already gone online, with a trailer as well as other information on the series. Here's their blurb:

"When Itsuki Iba inherits the position of president for the Astral 'magic-for-hire' service, he and his colleagues find themselves battling dangerous rivals in a fight for their company's very survival. Will Itsuki be Astral's final president And is he really as powerless as he seems?"

It's a pretty solid show with really strong visuals, as I recall-- the light novel series it's based on is pretty popular, too. Good stuff!
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Why did they change the order with the broadcast version?
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(Hi, Alison from Right Stuf and Nozomi, here!)

Re: the episode order... Not having read the novels (and not having had contact with the Japanese creative team), I can't say for sure. Sometimes -- to make a story "translate" well from page to screen (and to make it accessible to those who haven't read the books) --  screenwriters do rearrange things to make them play better in the new medium, in this case a 24-ep anime series.

We pay attention to stuff, like the Haruhi releases. So when we realized that two viewing orders existed, we wanted you to have easy access to both options. :-)
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Thanks for the clarification, Alison! :)
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Very, very cool!  
The way Right Stuf / Nozomi keeps putting out releases I really end up enjoying, I might as well just set up a direct link from my checking acct to theirs.
Another awesome announcement from those Iowans!! 
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I will get those.

but Zetsubou T_T
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