Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2nd Volume)

Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2nd Volume) is an anime episode of Darker than BLACK that was released on 08/16/2007

Darker Than Black Ep. 20

Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2st Volume) - あさき夢見し、酔いもせず…(前編) (Asaki yumemi shi, yoi mo se zu...(kouhen))

Hei, Mao and Huang are infiltrating religious organization but now with new mission. They need to find and kill their captured comrade Shihoko. In case Huang is not able to do his mission, Mao and Hei got another mission and that is to kill Huang.

They manage to find Shihoko, now they are pursuing the leader of religious organization Alma who's already gone from that place.

Huang is unable to kill Shihoko so he gives a gun to Hei to kill them both. Hei dosen't want to kill him because Huang saved his live numerous of times so he let them go.

Huang and Shihoko decided to flee but she realized that the Sydicate is after them so she jumped in front of a truck to keep the Sydicate away from Huang.


Opening Theme-

"Kakusei Heroism ~ The Hero Without A Name" by An Cafe

Ending Theme-

"Dreams" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

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