Rena Sakura

Rena Sakura is a anime/manga character in the Fall in Love LIke a Comic! franchise
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Rena Sakura is a high school Mangaka on a quest to better her manga and Fall in Love Like a Comic!

     Rena Sakura is the main protagonist of the popular shoujo manga series Fall in Love Like a Comic!  Rena is a young high school girl with a major secret, she's a mangaka.  Her school is very strict and doesn't approve of things like manga drawing especially Rena's Genra.  She draws for the
Rena Sakura
Rena Sakura
Chugakukan magazine Chami.  Her work involves risqué art and romantic plots involving love and steamy kissing scenes.  She wants more than anything to be a popular Mangaka and to reach a level of high notoriety.  The one thing holding her back is her lack of experience.  Rena has yet to have a boyfriend or fall in love which takes away from her ability to project the real aspects of love in her work.  She dreams of falling love with a boy who is just like someone in the manga she draws.  Her boss tells her one day that some experience with real love would help her achieve her goals at becoming a world renown Mangaka. 
     Rena takes it to heart as she goes to her school the next day and draws her manga, unfortunately, her friend Yun, and her ended up bumping into Tomoya and his friend.  Tomoya is the most popular, handsome, and nicest guy in her whole school.  Girls fan over him all the time, begging him to go out with them but every single time he says no , much to their dismay.  Rena gets very nerous around him and ends up turning to goo.  Throughout the series, whenever Tomoya
did something romantic or wooed her she tends to turn to go.  Running out of the school as fast as possible, Rena ends up forgetting something very important to her , her manga.  When she figured it out she runs back to the school, but it was too late.  Tomoya had found her manga drawings and some inappropriate ones at that. He makes fun of her lightly, for drawing such manga and yet having no experience in the matter, telling her that she had no real grasp of love and relationships really are like.  Rena then recalls the words of her Boss and on a limb, asks Tomoya to act like her boyfriend and teach her all about love and relationships.  Surprisingly, Tomoya says yes enthusiastically, which doesn't ever happen because he turns countless girls down.
     Over time , Tomoya works on teaching Rena all about having a relationship and love.  He gave her her first kiss, and other memorable moments.  But, things get strained between them when Rena mentions that he is just like a boy in manga.  Rena doesn't realize that he truly likes her and wants him to see her for him and not, as a character.  Eventually,
Hiroki, Tomoya, and Rena
Hiroki, Tomoya, and Rena
Rena comes to her senses and Tomoya and her profess their love for each other.  Rena's writing improves greatly, as her manga gets turned into a television drama.  Later the storyline jumps to the future where they show Rena as a famous Mangaka married to Tomoya with an adorable kid named Hiroki. 
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Name: Rena Sakura
Gender: Female
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