Ren Tao

Ren Tao is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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Ren Tao is an arrogant Chinese shaman who wants to become a Shaman King. He has fought Yoh once and lost.


Ren starts off as a villain in Shaman King and one of Yoh's first opponents, originally believing that spirits were only tools for the shamans to use in battle. Yoh tries to convince Ren that spirits are more than tools and that they should also be treated as friends. His spirit ally is named Bason who is the powerful spirit of a Chinese warlord. According to Yoh, Anna, and Mikihisa, Ren is a stubborn person.

Character Creation

Ren Tao, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. His Japanese voice actress is Romi Paku, and his American voice actor is Andrew Rannels. He first appears in Shaman King volume 1 and episode 3.

Character Evolution

When Ren Tao is introduced to Yoh for the first time, he is an ambitious young man who will kill people and use ghosts as objects to meet his family's goal, revenge and restoration of the Tao family. After Yoh has defeated Ren in the third preliminary match, Ren realizes Yoh is right and humans are not all bad. Ren decides to challenge his family to end the cycle of vengeance which is new dream for shaman king. When Ren defeats his father, he learns an important quote.

"I shall not waver."

Ren Tao - Volume 9 to Tao Yuan, 17 to Mikihisa

Story Arcs

Note: All story arcs below are manga only. See Anime under Anime and Manga Differences section.

Shaman King Fight Preliminaries

Ren Tao is an ambitious shaman who wants to be shaman king to restore the Tao familiy. When Ren Tao meets Yoh, Ren tells Yoh how to treat a spirit like an object. Ren Tao wants Yoh's ghost, but when the two fight each other in the cemetery (anime) or the streets (manga), Yoh defeats Ren and surprising Ren that a shaman can reach 100% integration when a shaman and a spirit are in sync body and mind. However, the battle did not change Ren Tao, but it further infuriates Ren Tao. After Ren notices Jun Tao's change from her battle with Yoh, Ren still believes that power is everything. Before his preliminary matches in the shaman king fights, he fights his officiant to pass the test. As Chrom realizes that Ren has high mana, he makes a mistake and provokes Ren to kill him. Ren who kills Chrom did not care if he cross the line to murder a fellow Patch officiant. In volume 6 and 7, Ren and Yoh battle again in the third preliminary match of the shaman fight. Even though Ren Tao has the mana advantage and bigger oversoul, Yoh still manages to break Ren's oversoul. When the preliminary battle ends and a draw occurs, Ren Tao has change. After the battle, Ren Tao goes back to China to face his father. *Ren's 1st and 2nd preliminary matches are not reveal, but his battle with Chrom is shown to the readers.

Journey to China (Ren Tao Arc)

In China, Ren faces a horde of zombies and he easily wipes them out. Ren's father, Tao Yuan, shows up and reveals what he has done to Pailong and Jun who is tied up for the moment. Ren charges at his father, but he is easily defeated by Tao Yuan. Meanwhile, Bason is crawling down his knees begging Yoh to help Ren who is trap in Tao Yuan's prison. Yoh quickly agrees and his friends Manta, Horohoro, and Ryu takes a trip to China. After Yoh heads down stairs to free Ren, Ren and Yoh quickly run up where Ryu and Horohoro are fighting the five zombie squad. They discover that the strongest zombie is Sha-Wen (Dub:__) who has the soul of Pailong's master in a genetically modified corpse. Yet, Jun and Pailong easily destroys Sha-wen's body by Pailong's powerful satellite kick. Ren faces his father who is untouchable. After many fail attempts by Ren's comrades to land a blow on him, Ren finds out it was an oversoul and his father is actually smaller and normal size. Although Tao Yuan summons his oversoul dragon against Ren's oversoul, the grandpa Tao tells them to stop. Ren has demonstrate his heart is pure because of Yoh Asakura. When Ren rides his horse to Tokyo, his father on a dragon gives him his treasured sword.

Journey to America for a Period of 3 months (Patch's test)

Ren Tao takes his journey with Yoh, Horohoro, and Bokuto no Ryu to America. Ren Tao meets Hao Asakura for the first time. After Hao's Great Spirit of Fire attacks Horohoro, Ren attacks Hao back with his oversoul but fail to hurt Hao's oversoul. Ren sees how strong Hao is and learns about his followers. When all the shamans board the Patch jumbo airplane, the Patch announces a test for all the shamans. They tell the shamans to reach Patch village in three months or be disqualified. After falling in the sky, Yoh has Ren and the others unleash their attacks on the ground to make a soft landing. Ren and his group catch a ride from Billy Anderson thanks to Ryu's hitchhiking skills. In Yonte Fe, Ren encounters Lilirara and learns more about Hao and his past. Ren and his gang ask the townspeople about the whereabouts of the Patch Village. Eventually, a librarian inform Ren's group about the massacre of the Seminoles 500 years ago. After exiting the library, Ren and his group meet Lilirara. At first, Ren thinks Lilirara's threats are not threatening when he destroys her Kanachi dolls. However, Ren gets a surprise when the ghost possess him and he feels the ghost's pains. Yoh agrees to let Lilirara use her Seminole ghosts to show their past to them by possessing Yoh and his group. Ren who is possessed by Ian sees Patch Hao who has the Spirit of Fire with him. Ren's ghost is the second to last one to die to die from Patch Hao. Ren's group realizes that Patch man is Hao but cannot understand how Hao is there. Three shamans (Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake, and Green Garam) try to make Lilirara show the way to the Patch Village. As Ren and others arm themselves to protect Lilirara, Horohoro beats them up first. Eventually, Lilirara explains to Ren's group on how to reach the Patch Village.

Ren and his group head to Duringo, but Ren encounters Lyserg on the way there. Lyserg wants to join Yoh's team for the purpose of gathering strong shamans. Ren and Horohoro do not trust Lyserg, and Lyserg tells Horohoro that he would be glad to demonstrate his strength. When Horohoro gets caught off guard due to Lyserg's homing pendulum, Ren jumps to attack Lyserg. However, Lyserg's wire has oversoul in it which severely cut Ren and Horohoro and damages their weapons. Ren watch Yoh defeat Lyserg and his Big Ben oversoul. Ren learns that Lyserg shares a common thing with his group. After hearing Lyserg's past and quest for revenge against Hao, Ren tells Lyserg that he agrees with Yoh's decision to recruit Lyserg since they have a common goal. On their way to Mese Verdede, Ren encounters Hao's followers at the entrance of Patch Village. He learns that Yoh is Hao's descendant from Mohamed, and that Mohamed and allies are sent to kill Yoh's teammates. Ren watches Boris bites Lyserg and turns him into a vampire. Throughout the battle, Boris and Ryu fight each other until Boris tries to use Lyserg to grab Yoh while placing his katana at Lyserg's throat. At the same time, Ren and the others face Boris's bloody stakes which are about to impale them. Even though the situation looks tough, Amidamaru helps Blamuro resist Boris's control while Ryu stops the stakes, Horohoro freezes them, and Ren shatters them into pieces. After Ryu beats Boris and Yoh rushes out to help him, Ren meets the X-Laws when Marco kills Boris with his Arch Angel, Michael. In the caves, Ren and Bason talk about the X-Laws' spirit alleys which are angels. Ren knows that angels are myths, but he still does not know about serei spirits.

Before heading to Patch village, Ren watch Yoh's struggle to become neutral when the X-Laws tried to execute Big Guy Bill. Ren and his group eventually reach the Patch Village with Big Guy Bill's advice. In the Patch Village, Ren is the only one who does not pass out after gazing at the Great Spirit. Ren tells Bason that he wants the Great Spirit's power. As soon as Yoh bumps into Anna, Ren meets Chocolove for the first time. At first, Ren stabs Chocolove in the nose because he thinks Chocolove is a clown. When Chocolove tells Ren and the others that they must form three man team, Ren ask Ryu and Horohoro which one of them to join his team. As Ryu tells Ren that he will join if Lyserg is there, Ren forms his team with Horohoro and Chocolove.

Two months have pass by, Ren and his team rides in Kalim's helicopter. Ren finds out that his family is nearby when they approach the island near Tokyo. Of course, Ren is embarrassed that his family is watching him fight.

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

Invading the Plants (Second Part of the Tournament)

Oversoul and Spirit Mediums


He can reach 100% integration with Bason and uses all of his techniques.


  • Oversoul Bason - a golden spear with a giant orb at the top of the spear.
  • Ren can materialize Bason to a giant Bason look alike oversoul. He can sprout arms and punch.
  • Bason's new oversoul is the God of War (). This oversoul can change into many weapons, and can rain down various weapons.

Spirit Mediums

  • Ren's spear, the halberd, is the main spirit media for Bason's first oversoul and his big oversoul.
  • Ren's Jewel Thunder, a sword given by Tao Yuan, is the spirit media for Bason's oversoul, God of War.


According to Hao Asakura, Ren's mana is 5,721 which is reported after Ren's match with Peyote.

Anime and Manga Differences

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Romi Paku
Andrew Rannels
General Information Edit
Name: Ren Tao
Name: 道 蓮
Romanji: Tao Ren
Gender: Male
Birthday: 01/01/1986
1st manga book: Shaman King #1
1st anime episode: Shaman King #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases Len Tao
Bocchama (by Bason)
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