Ren Kouha Appears

Ren Kouha Appears is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 11/17/2013
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The three friends enjoy their last night together and part ways in the morning with the promise to reunite. Aladdin soon learns the demands of traveling long distance by magic turban and gets a ride on a private carriage with a surprising occupant!

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Plot Summary

Ren Kouha Appears
RomajiRen Kōha Tōjō
TranslationRen Kouha Appears
MangaCh. 134 - 136 (Vol. 14)
Theme Music
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During dinner, Alibaba tries to cheer up Morgiana with fish. Along the way to the hotel, Alibaba spots a cabaret and asks Morgiana to go home while he and Aladdin go out party. Morgiana follow the two and sees them ogling the women. While Aladdin smothers his face in the bosom of the girls, Alibaba is stuck with a giant woman named Margaret. Next day, Aladdin's trio depart on their separate journeys. Before Alibaba leaves Morgiana, he gives Morgiana a necklace if her bracelets should ever break. As Aladdin flies out towards Magnostadt, he finds a caravan and pays them to allow him to sneak a ride.

Then, the caravan stops when bandits attack them. The bandits overwhelm the soldiers with their magic tools. Kouha cuts the top of the carriage when he gets disturbed. He engages the bandits and slaughter them with glee. He activates his Metal Vessel, Nyoi Rentou, and wipes out the bandits. After Ren and Aladdin gets acquainted, Aladdin arrives at his destination. Using Yamuraiha's Magic Tool, he passes the Borg test at the entrance to the city of Magnostadt. Meanwhile, Ren Kouha meets up with Matal Mogamett.

Points of Interest

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Censorship: The anime has replace all of Kouha's bloody scenes with silhouettes.

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist


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