Remmy is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Remmy is the village leader of Ray Barrier City in the Rave Master franchise.


Remmy is the descendant of Maltese, a female knight of the blue sky. Her brother is Solacido (Solasido). She is also the leader of Ray Barrier City and the guardian of the Rave of Combat.


Remmy, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create her. She first appears in episode 27 of Rave Master. Her Japanese actress is Moyu Arishima, and her English voice actress is Kari Wahlgren.

Story Arcs

Tower of Din Arc


Remmy appears in the throne before Solasido, Haru, and the others. She explains that Gale is the head of the demons at Tower of Din. Remmy requests Haru to help her, but Haru declines her offer without explaining his reason. Remmy asks Musica about Haru's suspected reasons. Yet, she does not get an answer from Musica when he flirts with her. Immediately, Remmy slaps Musica.

After Haru has left to take on Gale himself, Remmy search for Haru with the others until Musica realizes Haru has left to face his father at the Tower of Din. Upon arriving to the Tower of Din, Remmy witness and marvels at Haru's strength when bodies of demons littered the ground. Before heading inside, Shuda appears and takes down several demons. As Elie leads the way, Solasido asks Remmy to stay by his side. Underground where the Five Palace Guardians are about to kill Haru, Elie saves him by shooting Ron Glace and Rionette. Remmy figures out King's motives about using End of Earth, Dark Bring, to recreate Over Drive. When Haru and the others rush to defeat the guardians, Ltiangle activates Soul Palace.

Remmy's life is fading
Remmy's life is fading

Remmy finds herself in a place that has an island, a temple, and a wasteland with Elie, Plue, and Griffon present. Rionette appears behind them and steps on their shadows. He explains that his Dark Bring, Shadow Doll, allows him to immobilize them by stepping on one's shadows. Remmy finds herself as the first victim of Rionette's sadistic attacks. As Rionette squeezes her skull, she looks at the house that she and Solasido grew up in. Suddenly, Solasido emerges from the house and throws a cross blade at Rionette. He quickly fights him while Elie and Griffon figure out how to defeat Rionette. Salisido destroy's Rionette's Dark Bring with Arial Plue, and Elie finishes him off with her tonfas. Remmy gets hold by her dear brother, Solasido. When Elie hears "brother," Remmy goofs, but Solasido reassures her that their secret is already out.

Clea hugs Remmy
Clea hugs Remmy

After Musica defeats Ltiangle, the Soul Palace breaks down. Haru, who has defeated Racas, requests Remmy and the others to head back to the city to treat Musica's wounds. Outside of the temple, Elie and Griffon bump into Clea Maltese. As soon as Remmy and Solasido meet Clea, Remmy is shocked when Clea announces that her duty is fulfilled and that Remmy and her brother can live in peace. Before leaving, Clea hands the Rave of Combat to Elie. Remmy hugs Clea goodbye. She cries as Clea passes away.

Remmy & Elie welcome Musica
Remmy & Elie welcome Musica

After King has been defeated and Elie waits for Haru and Gale's safe return, Remmy and Solasido reassures Elie that they will come hope. Despite their wishes, Gale has died, but Haru has survived. After the battle and days later, Remmy and Elie congratulate Musica for his hospital leave. Musica gets flirtatious with Remmy who gets disgusted. Solasido attacks Musica. Finally, Remmy and Solasido bid Elie and their gang farewell and head to Aqua Palace together.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kari Wahlgren
Moyu Arishima
General Information Edit
Name: Remmy
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #27
1st anime movie:
Aliases Remi Maltese
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