Remembrance:A Diary

Remembrance:A Diary is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 03/08/2012

Gai has Shibungi delivered Dr. Kurosu's diary to Shu; Keido and Gai explain their origin stories. Keido recalls the good times he had with his former best friend Kurosu as they research the Genomic Resonance Theory. When Mana gets infected with the virus, Yuu explains that she would be Eve to produce a new race after the apocalypse. The thought of Kurosu's blood determining the next generation drives Keido jealous. Meanwhile in the present, Shu gets ready to confront Gai.

Find out the events that lead to the Lost Christmas!

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Dr. Kurosu's Diary
Dr. Kurosu's Diary

Keido informs what happened to Shu to Gai who already knew what happened. Gai asks how Mana is feeling; Mana states that Inori is stubborn, but she says she will claim Inori's fake body soon enough. She smiles evilly. Elsewhere on the seas, Kanon finds Yahiro who states that Shu is amazing. Then, the others hear that Gai is doing another broadcast. Gai states that he will destroy them for their failed attempts to invade Ward 24. He talks about creating a new world on December 25. Kurachi states that she will join forces with a private military company and asks Shu and Funeral Parlor to fight with them. Arugo asks her what are Gai's goals. Shibungi answers that Gai wants to cause a fourth apocalypse, Lost Christmas on a worldwide scale. Tsugumi freaks out Shibungi; Shibungi offers a gift from Gai to Shu, Dr. Kurosu Ouma's diary. At GHQ, Gai tells Keido that Shu and the others have the right to die knowing everything. Keido recalls the time he calls Dr. Kurosu his best friend.

Mana, the "Eve"
Mana, the "Eve"

Back in Tennozu college long ago, Keido is a grad student who dislikes everyone. Then, Dr. Kurosu barges in and congratulate Keido for his brilliant paper. Keido recalls the good times with Dr. Kurosu as they research on the Genomic Resonance theory that is based on the Intron RAM hypothesis. He believes that this will unlock the secrets of evolution and natural selection. Keido enters the room to explain what he finds to Dr. Kurosu. Instead, he finds Saeko Shijou, a student of the medical school, naked with Dr. Kurosu who is naked which meant that the two had sex earlier. Keido states that Saeko is carrying Kurosu's child at the time before the two got married. Kurosu and Saeko moved to Oshima. Five years later, a meteorite falls on an island where Kurosu and Keido detect the Genomic Resonance reaction. Kurosu states that they have to thank Mana who spotted the meteorite. Keido reports that the meteorite has brought a virus that was activated by the Genomic Resonance, and Kurosu states that it inserts into introns and replicates causing the DNA to have structural sclerosis. Kurosu says this is an instrument that plays the notes of Genomic Resonance, the trumpet of the Apocalypse. Later, Mana is humming what it appears to be the sound used in episode 11 where the Apocalypse virus is let loose. Yuu appears and introduces himself as a member of Daath. He states that the meteorite has has spread the seeds of the apocalypse all over the island. He explains when Mana matures into Eve, the Earth will enter its fourth apocalypse which is the simultaneous selection and evolution of all life. He refers the apocalypse is the invisible hand of god and tells Kurosu not to let Saeko's unborn child died. Eve wants to make her brother, the "Adam."

In the hospital, Shu is born, and Saeko dies as a result. Kurosu sobs while Mana grins. Keido did not like the part where Kurosu's blood would set the next generation. When Yuu states that Kurosu declined his offer, Yuu asks Keido what he will do. Keido agrees to hear what Yuu proposes. Years later, Gai narrates that Keido finds him and brought him into a facility where Gai is recovering. Keido tells Gai that he will be his father. Gai states that this facility is a nursery where Keido is trying to raise many boys to be "Adam," the mate for Mana. The nursery is where the boys are administered shots of strengthen Apocalyptic Virus. The young Gai is shocked at the death of one boy and is shivering in his cell. Gai decides to escape the nursery and jumps into the ocean. He later winds up on the shore where he meets Mana and Shu. Mana calls him Triton because Gai came from the sea. Ironically, Gai winds up ending in a bigger trap. Meanwhile, Haruka is scanning Shu's body.

In the year 2028,The story shifts to Keido who meets Haruka, a student researcher. Haruka states she is Keido's younger sister. Keido writes her name on a sticky note. Haruka narrates about her life and that Kurosu interested her. She states that Kurosu left his children, so he can find a cure for the virus. Haruka tells Keido that she will marry Kuroso since he is lonely. Keido does not care what she will do, and when Keido asks her about the progress on the virus, Haruka replies it is more than what Keido has done. A year later, Haruka has married Kurosu and invites Gai, Shu, and Mana to come over for their first Christmas together as a family.

December 24, 2029

At church, Mana informs Haruka that father is late and that Shu is in the bathroom. She tells Haruka to go pick Kurosu. At Kurosu's place, Keido finds a book that contains the notes about the virus. In Kurosu's notes, he states that he has found a genetic code that interferes with the virus's process of infection. Kurosu calls it the Void Genome much to Keido's surprise. At church, Mana hands a gift. The explanation continues about how human intelligence can control the apocalypse. Kurosu finds Keido; Keido tells him that Daath is losing patience and that he will negotiate with them as a team. Kurosu states that he will do it alone. Keido gets angry at the fact, but Kurosu tells him he cannot drag his friend into this. Keido claims that Kurosu is jealous of him and let Kurosu go. Keido laughs and reveals a gun. He states that Kurosu is not his friend anymore. Keido kills Kurosu, and Haruka finds her husband dead. At the same time, Mana unleashes the Apocalyptic virus.

In the present, Haruka reports that Shu's Void allows him to store other Voids and can absorb the Apocalyptic virus. She begs Shu not use that power and that saving Inori is too late. Haruka states that Mana has already claimed Inori's mind and body. Before becoming complete, the shards (or Voids) from the other people have to be collected. Apparently, Shu accidentally round up his fellow students and give them access to their Void. She embraces Shu until Kurachi picks him up. On the ship, Shu gives his friends their Voids because if he dies, they died. Yahiro and Shibungi object to Shu's actions. Ayase and the others' reasons got to Shu, and Shu wants to shake hands with Souta who tries to avoid him. Shu grabs his hand, and Souta cries that he was afraid of Shu. He begs Shu to stay as his friend. In the helicopter, Haruka states that Kurosu was lonely and that Shu is lucky to be with friends. The name Shu means group and that Kurosu wishes his son to be with people.

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

Guilty Crown Eyecatch Ep. 20
Guilty Crown Eyecatch Ep. 20
  • Shu's name means group, and it refers to how Shu has a strong bond with his friends.
  • Voids are shards or parts of Mana that was lost during the Lost Christmas event.

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