Remaining Life

Remaining Life is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 01/26/2014
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Plot Summary

Remaining Life
RomajiNokosareta Inochi
TranslationRemaining Life
MangaCh. 161-164
Theme Music
Ending"With You/ With Me"
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Matal explains that the battle between Musta'sim and Magnostadt was because of the Goi's greed. Titus argues that they using the Goi as live stock and shares that Marga only has a year to live. Matal asks Titus if he is going to save them all and points out that Titus is only saving Marga for self satisfaction. Aladdin stands up and argues that using folks to make others' lives better is absurd. Matal states that he does not want to oppress the Goi. Later that night, Sphintus and the other magicians share how their lives are like in their home countries and how magicians are treated. One girl shares that she wants to show this country to other magicians. Aladdin is horrified at how the conversation is turning to favor the magicians. Next day, Aladdin asks Titus to visit Marga since the students are going on a field trip. Matal tells Titus that he will be assisting Marga because he feels sorry for Titus as he reveals Titus's true role, a spy of Scheherazade. He shares that Scheherazade and Yamuraiha are sacrificing themselves for Goi countries instead of helping their fellow magicians.

In the Fifth Level District, Matal hands Marga over to Titus and asks Titus to think the issue over. When Matal kicks a child, Aladdin realizes that Matal sees humans as animals. Above ground, Marga marvels over the town, and she loves Titus. Aladdin and Sphintus chat about Matal and the situation. Later that night, Marga lies in bed and struggles to speak with Titus even though she is extremely sick. Titus promises her that he will live with her forever. Next day, Matal agrees to extend Marga's life using magic, and he explains that Marga's illness cannot be cured. In Irene's class, Irene reveals the Black Rukh and its powers. Aladdin confirms that Irene's group had connections with Al Sarmen and talks about the abnormalities of the world such as the recent event in Balbadd. In Titus's home that night, Titus reports to Scheherazade about Matal. When Scheherazade reminds him that she hasn't forgive him for the Fifth Level District fiasco.

When Marga tells Titus that she will grow up and take care of Titus (despite having a short life span), Titus promises Marga that he will be with her forever. Later that night, Titus goes to see and cries to Matal that he wants to live.

Points of Interest

  • Yamuraiha appears only in the flashback.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Scheherazade: "The more you enjoy it... you'll be the one who ends up regretting it..."
— Scheherazade warning Titus

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
9nine ED Theme Song: "With You / With Me"
ViViD OP Theme Song: "Hikari"


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