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Topic started by gia on March 29, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years ago.
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Spotted this on Comic Natalie: the cutest little Touhou figure ever! It's Udongein, the most adorable stage 5 boss / manipulator of lunacy / moon rabbit / bunny girl you'll probably ever see in your life. Not only that, but it's apparently being packaged with the Touhou doujinshi Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth by Toshihiro Arata...but only the limited edition, and only for those who preorder the August release by April 25.

Note that while it IS coming with a doujinshi, most of the Touhou project is doujin (self-published), and given the figure's appearance on the official Touhou site, it seems to be fully approved. It was also designed by Arata.

I haven't even played Touhou and I totally want this thing. I mean, it's not the most gorgeous figure I've ever seen, but it's still cute as a button and a pretty unique item to boot. Time to go take a peek at the ol' bank account...

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Hehehe...Udonge.....IOSYS you guys are great.

Gia, you need to play Touhou. At least just beat Perfect Cherry Blossom on easy, and then read a bunch of the doujinshi on Gaku Gaku so you'll understand the basic outline of the plots/chararters. Touhou is just such an immense gargantuan part of doujin culture, it's really worth checking it out. That said, she looks so cute like that!...If it weren't for Lily Saber and GSC's Garan no Dou Kimono Shiki I'd buy her.

And on that note, I'm gonna exit through the door that the foolish bunny left open...
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Well, Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth is actually serialized in a manga magazine, so it's an official Touhou-related commercial work, for clarification. :P

And this figurine is awesome. Maybe a little compensation for the troubles that Reisen has in the 4-koma.
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Heero: With WHAT spare time, exactly? ;)

TheBigN: Ahh, I wasn't totally sure-- though with touhou, even the official works are also doujinshi, so it's tough to keep it all straight =P
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Do it when you're on your flights everywhere. It only takes about 30 minutes to play one session of PCB or Imperishable Night. Heck, I myself play it like most people play solitaire or minesweeper - in between stuff while I'm waiting on something. Either that or at the very least read this and get a pretty good idea for the plot in PCB (many people consider PCB to be the classic Touhou story arc and by knowing it you can pretty much understand all the main characters and jump into any of the other games without much issue).
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