Reina is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Reina is a Silver Claimer from Rave Master.


Reina's father tries to comfort her
Reina's father tries to comfort her

When she was young and in the city of La Nadia, Reina and her father make a living off of a silver puppet show. Yet, her father's show does not attract much attention. Reina, who does not want to worry her father, ask him to make the show exciting with real weapons. Her father tells her that he cannot do that even though he, himself, created the Silver Ray (a weapon). As soon as Reina's stomach rumbles, she try to to perfect her silver claiming. Her father hugs her and confess that he has been a bad father. Suddenly, the king of La Nadia arrest Reina's father for stealing the Silver Ray. (The vault can be only opened by silver claimers.) Even though Reina's father tells the King that Rize could be the thief, the King dismiss Rize since he is on Garage Island. Reina's father died from two days of torture.

Teenage Reina
Teenage Reina

Reina struggles to survive on her own. When King finds her and present the White Kiss to her, she immediately use it to kill the King of La Nadia to avenge her father. She recalls Rize in her past and suspects him of stealing the Silver Ray. Reina blames Musica's master Rize for ruining her father's reputation and causing her family grief and despair. She is a member of Oracion Seis until the arc where the Silver Ray is discovered.


Reina, who is created by Hiro Mashima, does not have any notes on what inspired him to create this character so far. Her Japanese voice actress is Yukana Nogami, and her English voice actress is Tara Platt. She first appears in Rave Master episode 18.

Story Arcs

Mystery of Elie Arc

Reina first appears
Reina first appears

She first appears at Demon Card Headquarters, and Reina waits outside for Jegan. Reina greets Jegan only to be ignored by him. She continues to walk with Jegan and talk with him. When Reina asks Jegan about his sword, he looks at her. Reina who is mad asks Jegan about his black dragon. Reina gets Jegan's sword pointed at her. Sieg Hart arrives to stop them, and the three head to meet King. King announces the task at hand which is to kill the Rave master. After Reina teases Sieg Hart, King choose Sieg Hart to take the task. Outside of the meeting, Reina asks Sieg Hart about the girl and how he will act. Reina thought Sieg Hart will hug her, but Sieg Hart replies that he will kill her.

In the city where the Symphonia museum presides, Reina learns from Sieg Hart about the girl and how dangerous she is due to her Etherion. Upon learning Sieg Hart's true purpose to protect time, Reina asks Sieg Hart if he is going to kill King. When Sieg Hart says yes, Reina decides to kill Sieg Hart due to his betrayal. However, Sieg Hart leaves her to search for Elie when Elie screams out.

Throughout Sieg Hart's battle with Haru Glory, Reina watches. As soon as Sieg Hart traps Haru in Altairis, she stabs Sieg Hart in the back with a dagger. Suddenly, Reina gets caught by Musica's Silver Whip from behind. When Sieg Hart asks about Elie, she replies that Elie has gone inside Altairis to help Haru. After Haru is free and Elie's Etherion awakens, Haru seals her magic. Taking the opportunity, Reina attacks Haru in order to capture Elie. She first knocks them with her Silver Rain, and when she unleashes the second attack, Musica blocks it with his Silver Spear. Reina notices Musica has the same ability as she does. Then, Jegan arrives to pick Reina since she has disobeyed orders. Reina bids them farewell. In Technologita city, she and Jegan find Berial waiting for them. She is disgusted when she finds out Berial destroyed the city out of boredom.

Symphonia Arc

Reina and Julius announce to Haru's group that they will kill Elie to prevent her Etherion to awaken. As Berial finished changing the wasteland into canyons and valleys, Reina grabs Musica's attention with her silver, and the two begin their battle. After exchanging attacks, Reina finally ask Musica where is the Silver Ray and states that Rize stole it. She demands Musica, who is a witness, to confess since the day that Musica met Rize was the same day that the Silver Ray was stolen. Also, Punk Street (Musica and Rize's encounter) is closer to La Nadia. When Musica deny her accusation, Reina explains her side of her story beginning with her origin story. (see origin section) After avenging her father's death and joining the Oracion Seis, Reina search for the Silver Ray because it is her father's work. She argues that Rize has created an alibi where he was a Garage Island which made him innocent. Since Garage Island was far from La Nadia, Rize is presumed innocent. Yet, Reina thinks Rize had a someone dressed like him to visit Garage Island while he went to La Nadia to steal the Silver Ray.

Reina beats Musica
Reina beats Musica

As Reina sheds tears, she lashes at Musica by straddling him and punching him repeatedly. Musica stops her and tells her that Rize is still innocent, and Reina resumes her battle with Musica. She attacks Musica with Silver Rain. Reina eventually defeats Musica by using Silver Emperor to slash through his shield and then slash his chest. After defeating Musica, Reina walks to Julius and observe Julius's battle with Elie. Despite Reina's request of ending Elie's life quickly, she is disgusted when Julius plays with Elie. She disapproves when Julius starts to pull Elie's hair and arms after Elie harm Julius's face. As soon as Julius cuts Griffon in half, Elie's Etherion blasts Julius and Berial while Reina is safe in the air due to Jegan's black dragon. Suddenly, Haru attacks Julius. Reina and Berial rush to attack him, but Haru defeats Reina's Silver Emperor with Blue Crimson. Haja strikes Haru from behind. As Reina and the other Oracion Seis prepare to end Haru's life, Sieg Hart appears and blasts them magic. Reina and the Oracion Seis's mission ends when Haru's group come to support Sieg Hart.

At Demon Card Headquarters, Reina and her Oracion Seis members meet Lucia. As Haja hands Lucia the Decalogue sword, she learns that Lucia is King's son and heir to the Raregroove kingdom and Demon Card.

Powers and Abilities

Like Musica, she has the Silver Claiming Ability. The only difference is that she has a Dark Bring, White Kiss, to amplify her silver claiming ability by creating silver out of the air and dirt for her attacks. She can bond her silver with Musica to create the Silver Bond attack on an Orge.

Silver Rain (Spear Rain)Reina demonstrates that she can create silver from the air with her Dark Bring which strikes at her enemies like the rain.
Appearances: Mystery of Elie Arc
Silver Emperor
Silver Emperor
Reina models this creation after the emperor of Nadia (who killed her father). She used this attack against Musica and slash through his Silver Shield. When Reina uses this move against Haru, it shatters from Haru's Blue Crimson attack.
Appearances: Symphonia Arc


Reina's breasts deleted scene
Reina's breasts deleted scene

In the English version, Reina's close up her breasts are deleted. This similar to Elie's close ups of her breasts which were never show up in the English version.

Other Media

Voiced by
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Tara Platt
Yukana Nogami
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Name: Reina
Name: れいな
Romanji: reina
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #18
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