Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki #1 - Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki

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Plot Summary

Average guy Takuto has a unusual problem, yet no one except for the beautiful Mikoto can truly understand what his problems exactly are! Convinced that he is "possessed" by a demonic spirit and that she can exorcise it through sexual means, Mikoto is determined to help save the weary Takuto from this possession he is under! Can she bust the demons that plague him? Or will he figure out that the girl of his dreams has "several screws loose" first?


Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki was originally created by the artist Takuto. It is not fully known as to what exactly inspired him to create this series.


Takuto: An average male teenager who harbors a strong crush for the mysterious, beautiful Mikoto, Takuto receives a letter from Mikoto that she needs to talk to him about a urgent matter. He is "shocked" when she claims that he is possessed by a demonic spirit and that she can help him exorcise it. When their "session" is over,Takuto is visited every so often by the cryptic Mikoto, who claims new "issues" that he is suffering from and that she needs to help him out once again.

Mikoto: A beautiful, yet cryptic female student who writes a urgent letter to Takuto that she knows that he has been "possessed" by sinister demons, Mikoto uses this logic of hers in order to have sex with the stunned Takuto, who is blown away by just how far the girl he has a major crush on is willing to go in order to "exorcise" his demonic possession. In the aftermath of their "session" together, Mikoto visits Takuto every so often, claiming that he is suffering from "other issues" and that she needs to help him once again, much to his indifference.

Other Media

As of today, it is not known if any of the characters appear in any other media or merchandise outside of the original Reikan Shoujo manga.


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