Does Rei have some form of Omnipresence

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One of the great mysteries of NGE is Rei's ability to appear in random places even in the first episode of the original evangelion. As such NGE has always had this feeling of some from of omnipotent being controlling everything from behind the scenes, leading the characters to instrumentality, which occurs in EoE.

Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere.

User is present everywhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded or universal presence. It is related to the concept of ubiquity, the ability to be everywhere and nowhere (at once)

Now the facts that support this claim.

Rei appearing before Shinji in episode 1 in the distance before vanishing in an instant.

Now there are two reasons why this support her omnipresence. Number 1: As of right then, the main Rei is as of this moment at Nerv headquarters in the medical-ward. the second reason for this is because of the fact that Rei in truth is the soul of Lilith and therefore is Lilith's avatar in a sense.

In the words of Schrodinger "I am everywhere and I am nowhere."

Now and argument against this could be the fact that Rei is also a genetic clone of Yui Ikari. While yes that is indeed the truth, you have to realize that in no way is it ever specified or implied that genetic make-up affects the soul in anyway, the Soul and Body are two separate things.

The soul is an abstract thing and the general notion is that all living things such as humans, animals, plants all have souls. the body in this situation is the entire structure of the human organism and something that can be touched physically.

A soul is, in Neon Genesis Evangelion, a necessary component of all lifeforms. It is the source of the A.T. Field.

Organisms derived from the LCL of Lilith require an A.T. Field (and hence a soul) in order to maintain physical integrity. A lifeform comprised of particle-wave matter is able to exist independent of the soul, whether it was created without one in the first place (e.g. the Evangelions and Rei clones) or if the soul was subsequently removed or lost (the Seeds and various dead Angels).

Souls originate from the Chamber of Guf, entering and leaving the world through the Doors of Guf. Souls then intersect with LCL, and by a process that Aoba calls "self-formation of LCL", they form a vessel that is shaped by the soul using the AT Field/ego border/edge of the mind/self-image. The words soul, mind, self-image, psyche, heart and will seem oftentimes interchangeable in NGE.

Episode 20 reveals the most about the soul's physical properties. A torus electromagnetic is placed around the Entry Plug to re-anchored Shinji Ikari's soul within the LCL present within the plug (see image to right). Libido, Destrudo, and the temperature of the LCL also seem to be factors during the salvage of Shinji. The entire salvage of Shinji during this episode is based on the salvage attempts of Yui Ikari after the Contact Experiment, giving us one of the few windows present during the course of the show into exactly what is involved between the soul and body.

Souls appear as red orbs of light during End of Evangelion. In the Old Testament/Torah blood (and so possibly LCL) is equated with the lowest aspect of the soul in qabalah called nepesh

So while physically Rei is Yui's genetic clone, Rei's soul is Lilith. There is also a rumor about Rei's body also being created from Lilith, which has some merit as Rei was created from the salvage remains of Yui after she had fused with Unit 01

Rei was revealed to be the soul of Lilith in episode 24 by Kaworu Nagisa who in fact is the soul of Adam and to prove this in the director cut, Rei was able to produce an AT-field of her own.

It is revealed later in the series that every living thing possesses an A.T. Field: Angels and Evangelions just have A.T. Fields so strong that they are easily detectable and can even stop physical attacks.

My next point is the fact that Rei 1 who is now a soul present within Unit 00.

This Rei is the every first successful clone of Yui Ikari as well as the first to host the soul of Lilith.

This Rei was killed at a young age by the mother of Ritsuko Akagi, Naoko Akagi for revealing that Gendo only had sex with Naoko to keep her mind stable so that she would still be useful to Gendo Aka nothing more than pity f**ks.

On instant to let use know for a fact that Rei still retained herself within the Eva was when she had openly tried attacking both Gendo and Ritsuko when either Rei or Shinji attempted to pilot unit 00 and this is after Lilith's soul was given to the Rei that is focused on in the anime Rei 2.

It would appear that each time Rei's soul is transferred, her memory is being blocked but not entirely forgotten, as shown with Rei 3 who came once Rei 2 set of the bomb in her Eva in order to kill Armisael the last angel.

okay now my final is Lilith Rei from EoE

This is where Rei chooses to abandon Gendo in favor of the one person who she falls in love with Shinji.

After fusing with adam's soul and then merging with Lilith, Lilith takes on the appearance of a giant naked Rei and rises up from central dogma towards Shinji and activating third impact.

During third impact, Rei spread her anti-AT-field to cover the entire earth's surface which caused every human on earth to loose their AT-field and she also was able to appear before everyone either in the appearance of someone they deeply cared for, (Hyuga & Maya) or just as multiple copies of her human appearance (Aoba, Ritsuko & Misato)

This shows that not only was she everywhere all around the world, but she was all in some places has more than one person and she was the Giant goddess that grew larger than the earth.

After Shinji had choose to keep humanities individuality and Rei's body began to fall apart, Rei and Yui both appeared before Gendo and after he was killed by Yui, you see the three Rei's 1, 2, & 3 all standing there, and while Yui spoke to shinji, Rei appeared before unit 01 as it started it's eternal and lonely journey through the universal.

the two last things to note is that even after Rei's supposed death she appears before Shinji and Asuka once again before she disappeared. This action surprisingly supports the first reason why I believe she is onmi. The Rei that appeared in the first episode could be in fact the same Rei from EoE who is there to guide Shinji and the others to the inevitable third impact.

This also means that Rei isn't bound by space or time.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the reasons why I am 100% sure that Rei Ayanami from NGE and EoE are is in fact an omnipresent being.

So now I want to here from you guys. Do you agree with this, do you disagree with this, or did this go way over your head.

Let me know.

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Its kind of left open to interpretation (like fucking everything in NGE) but I think theres a strong case for it.
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@hitsusatsu11: yeah it is I was just giving my theory on it because I wanted to give my input on it, and want others to comment on it. a lot of things are open to interpretation, which is why it's fun to speculate.

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