Refined Bard

Refined Bard is an anime episode of Sengoku Collection that was released on 05/17/2012

Plot Summary

Bashou Matsuo is transported to modern day where she arrives at a rundown cafe named the Far End Cafe. Once there, she meets the owner, Marie, and crew: Ai (Marie's daughter), Satoshi, and Kyo. After staying overnight, Bashou decides to clean the place up, which upsets Marie who is in a bit of a depression and is content to let the restaurant stay in its downtrodden state. Ai convinces Marie that the changes are ok and to allow Bashou to stay on as an employee. While there, Bashou's haiku poetry becomes the cafe's main attraction and the cafe becomes popular enough to garner a televised interview with the owner. Additionally, Bashou brings out the artistic abilities and desires of everyone at the restaurant. Nobunaga Oda appears and leaves with Bashou in the middle of the night, much to Marie's chagrin, but Bashou returns a short while later to continue working there.

Characters & Voice Actors

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