Reedus Jonah

Reedus Jonah is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A member of the Fairy Tail guild who loves to draw.


Reedus has been a member of Fairy Tail for a long time, he was a member when Natsu and everybody else was a kid, specifically when Happy was born. Even though he has been a longtime member, he hasn't made any improvement in his magic skill, he just sits in the guild and draw whatever he likes.


Reedus was created by the series creator Hiro Mashima. As an original character, he was in both the anime and manga, but Reedus was usually given with minor role. He made his first appearance in Chapter 2 in the manga and Episode 2 in the anime. He is voiced by Yuichi Iguchi in the Japanese version and Sonny Strait in the English verison.

Character Evolution


When Reedus was younger, he had a small and thin body but he was given a bigger and rounder body when he asked Makarov to cast a giant spell on him to enlarge his body due to his magic's nature. Seven years later, he is a skinny person again.


Although Reedus isn't very brave, as shown when he hid behind a building because he was "afraid" of Laxus, he nonetheless does what he must to protect his friends as displayed when he tried to shield Lucy from members of Phantom Lord guild. He also has a tendency to draw happy scenes and say small French words and phrases such as "oui" (French for "yes") or "pardon" (French for "sorry").

Major Story Arc

Lullaby Arc

Reedus was seen very briefly when Mirajane asked him to borrow his Light Pen.

Phantom Lord Arc

During the fight between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail, Reedus escorted Lucy out of danger by materializing a carriage from his drawing. However Gajeel found out where they were hiding by using his keen sense of smell. Reedus was not able to protect Lucy.

Fighting Festival Arc

Reedus is easily defeated by Freed.
Reedus is easily defeated by Freed.

When Laxus started the Fighting Festival, Reedus did not participate because he was scared. When Makarov's collapsed from his weak heart, he was asked to get Porlyusica so she can nurse him. As Reedus was about to reach the outskirt of town, he was stopped by Fried and his enchantment. Reedus attempt to beat Fried to escape but he was defeated nonetheless.

Edolas Arc

The Edolas version of Reedus.
The Edolas version of Reedus.

Reedus was once again made a very brief appearance when Natsu entered the Edolas version of Fairy Tail. In Edolas however, Reedus is much skinnier in contrast to his big body in Earthrealm and is more rude to others, especially Gray Surge at whom he cracks jokes regarding his excessive layers of clothing.

Power & Abilities

Picto Magic

Reedus' Magic Seal.
Reedus' Magic Seal.

Reedus specializes in magic called Picto, which allows him to use his drawings as weapons. The condition is that he must draw the pictures on his body, which is why he asked Makarov to make his body bigger so he has an easier time drawing larger objects.

Picto Magic SpellsDescription
Boar and Carriage
Reedus draws a carriage and purple boar to transport Lucy to safety.
Reedus draws a cannon which materializes and shoots a cannonball. The strength of this attack is fairly weak. He can also shoot fire from his cannon (Anime only).
Nature, Run Wild!
Reedus draws various colored boars which spring from his stomach and attack his opponents (Anime only).
Roar of Silver
Reedus draws three Vulcans who jumped from his stomach and assault the opponent (Anime only).
Gajeel pushes Reedus into his own hole.
Gajeel pushes Reedus into his own hole.
Reedus draws a hole on his body which then appears on the ground for enemies to fall in (Anime only).
Maid Lucy
Reedus can draw Lucy in her maid outfit and with her whip to fight Freed.

Light Pen - This magical item allows Reedus to draw magical pictures in the air. Its power was demonstrated by Mirajane.

Voiced by
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Sonny Strait
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Name: Reedus Jonah
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime movie:
Recent Movies
Memory Days (OVA)

Memory Days is the 3rd OVA in the Fairy Tail franchise.

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