Red World Characters

Red World is a anime/manga location
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Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo

Shabranigdo is the very first Mazoku to be created.


Ruuma is a young sorceress from Akaschy Port, who is the only one that know how to cure Oct-curse


Sera is princess of Alto

Shia Woo

Shia come from a clan that protect the Dark Crystal from evil hands


Shizuri is a high priestess of the Aqua Lord church

Sylphiel Nels Laada

Sylphiel is a priestess of the shrine to Ceifeed in Sairaag.


Vaalwin is a Shinzoku and the lord of the air


Valgaav is the main villain of Slayers TRY


Vrumugun is a sorcerer


Winnie is a necromancer, who don't like zombies and skeletons

Wizer Freion

Wizer is an inspector from the kingdom of Ruvinagald. He appears in the first episode of Slayers Revolution where he tries to arrest Lina Inverse for "being Lina Inverse".


A true prankster, and also one of the most powerful Mazoku in existence.


Zanaffar is born from Zanaffar Armor by eating the armor wearer


Zangulus is a bounty hunter hire to catch Lina and Gourry

Zelgadis Greywords

Zelgadis Greywords is third character to join the protagonists in the Slayers franchise. Transformed into a chimera by the Red Priest, Rezo, Zelgadis seeks a cure of his affliction.


Zolf is a loyal henchmen for Zelgadis. He want revenge on Lina for burning him badly


The Assassin from Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R.

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