Red World Characters

Red World is a anime/manga location
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Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

The young, buxom, justice-loving Princess of Saillune.

April Landmark

April is a master detective, who work for the magic guild


Dayal is a powerful wizard who use his powers to steal Red Marimo from his local village


Dilgear is half-wolf and half-troll beastman once employed by Rezo the Red Priest.


Duclis is a beast-hybrid of a man, who want revenge on other kingdoms


Dugld is a Mazoku whom make a deal with Zuuma


Eris is Rezo lab assistant who have strong feeling for him.


Fanan is the older sister of Orun and also the high priestess of the Airlord Church

Filia ul Copt

Filia is a dragon priestess who help lina in Slayer TRY


Frad is a young swordsman in training


Fullmace is a Mazoku, send to take out Lina's and her friends


Gaav is the main villain in Slayer NEXT.

Galehart Von Fleedlit

Galehart is a crazy old man who thinks Lina is his wife


Gduza is a Mazoku whom make a deal with Zuuma


Gioconda is a marquess of the Ruvinagald kingdom

Gourry Gabriev

A dim but kind swordsman.

Gravos Maunttop

Gravos is a loyal minion to Valgaav


Hureika is a mysterious woman, who love to gamble


Jane hire Lina to find her fiancé

Jillas Jillos Jilles

Jillas is a loyal minion of Valgaav


A powerful Demon who took control of the island of Mipross after killing most of the inhabitants.

Julie Comet

Julie is a peacekeeper

Light Inverse

Light is the main character in Slayers Light Magic

Lina Inverse

A small, slender, easily-angered sorceress.

Lina Sanverse

Lina Sanverse is a Woman Of Justice and fight evildoers

Lord Of Nightmares

The creator of the Slayers universe

Luna Inverse

Luna Inverse is the first daughter of merchants and elder sister to Lina Inverse.


Lydia is a owner of a beach shop, that Lina and Naga was force to work in


Lyos is a young swordsman, whom have gain the title of Knight of the Aqualord


Marco is the Prince of Baritone

Martina Xoana Mel Navratilova

A recurring villain from the Slayers series.

Medio Grandship

Medio is a journalist


Michelle is a witch who look beauty


Milady is a mysterious woman, who give Lyos the title of Knight of the Aqualord


Millie is a Beast Master, that hire Lina to be a bodyguard

Naga the Serpent

A rival/friend of Lina Inverse. She has one of the most unmistakable laughs in anime history.


Nama is a soul stuck inside of a suit of armor


Nanashi is the Knight of The Airlord, he help Lyos to control his powers


Noa is one of the main character of Slayers: Hourglass Of Falces


Orun is the younger sister of Fanan and the high priestess of the Airlord Church


Ozer is an artificial human created by Rezo, to look after his soul


Parm is a magical girl who believe that magic is use to help people


Phibrizzo is the main villain in Slayers Next

Philionel El Di Saillune

Philionel is the crown prince of Saillune and father of Amelia and Naga.


Pokota is a young sorcerer and prince of the kingdom of Taforashia. He is now in a stuffed animal body


Professor is the smartest person on the Ark, she the one who keep the place running


A blind but extremely powerful, known for his good deeds...usually.


Riksfalto is the general of Deep Sea Dolphin, who love to fight


Rodimus is a loyal henchmen for Zelgadis.


A time traveling wizard who appears in the first Slayers movie. He asks for Lina Inverses assistance in helping to stop Joyrock.

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