Red World

Red World is a anime/manga location
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The Red World is one of the many universe, that Lord Of Nightmares created


There is a Sea of Chaos. Many staffs stand in the Sea of Chaos, and on top of each staff there lays a universe. Each universe has its own God and Dark God. Each God and Dark God are fighting each other, because they are doomed to keep fighting by their creator. In the Red World, Flare Dragon Ceifeed is the God and Ruby Eye Shabranigdo is the Dark God. Both have battle many millennium, until 5000 years before the current time line. Shabranigdo have successively destroy Ceifeed's body. But Ceifeed's spirit wasn't destroy with his body. Ceifeed used all of it's powers to divide Shabranigdo's powers. Ceifeed cause his spirit to scattered all around the world by using all of his powers and Shabranigdo being divided in seven fragments which were sealed into human souls.

General Information Edit
Location Name Red World
Japanese Name: 赤い世界
Romaji Name: Akai sekai
1st manga book: Medieval Mayhem Slayers #1
1st anime episode: Slayers #1
1st anime movie: Slayers The Motion Picture
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