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Red Tails is a anime/manga concept
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An all female gang of Ishiyama High that was founded by Misaki Oga. The current leader is Nene after Aoi Kunieda relinquished that title.



MembersQuick Bio
Aoi Kunieda
Aoi Kunieda
Aoi is one of the TKKH leaders of Ishiyama High. She is known for her way of the sword, strength, and beauty. Her weapons include bokken, shinai, an umbrella, and even a ruler. To her, anything is a weapon.
Nene Omori
Nene Omori
She is the current leader of Red Tails after Aoi resigns. She is Aoi's closest friend and gives her advice.
Chiaki Tanimura
Chiaki Tanimura
Chiaki is a quiet person who has excellent sharp shooting skills. Her weapons are mostly water guns or paint ball guns. She can use multiple guns by juggling them. Like Yuka, she thinks Aoi is cute when Aoi is in a cute dress. She loves video games.
Yuka Hanazawa
Yuka Hanazawa
She is a strange member who doesn't understand the situation. Yuka highly sexualizes Aoi.
Ryoko Asuka
Ryoko Asuka
Like Chiaki, she is a quiet and reserved character. She typically hangs out with Yuka and does things with her such as intimidating Kazuya.
Kaoru Umemiya
Kaoru Umemiya

Patterns Among Members

Ryoko and Chiaki are more reserved members while Nene and Yuka are more prone to showing emotion.


Past Leaders:

  • Misaki Oga - 1st Leader
  • 2nd Leader is unknown
  • Aoi Kunieda - (3rd Leader) She is leader during the reign of TKKH until Oga came by and defeated Himekawa and Kanzaki.
  • Nene Omori - (4th Leader) She is the current leader after Ishiyama High has fallen due to Oga's power. However, she still believes Aoi to be the leader.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Red Tails
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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