Red Rising

Red Rising is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 06/12/2013
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Still suffering from the attacks from Emily, Kiri goes to school in an attempt to maintain normalcy. At school he is forced to go to nurse where Yamane is on duty and offers him an option that could ease his pain. Wanting to get strong, Kiri travels to the grave of Iwai’s father and sees the most unusual dance.
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Plot Summary

Red Rising


Romaji―Reddo Raijingu―
MangaCh. 20-22
(Vol. 3)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
EndingKimi to Futari
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While Iwai reads a book, Emily explains how her father had took her in to Witchy. Emily states that her father was killed by the Hair Queen. Witchy notes that Emily wishes to see her father again. Emily points out that she had used her ability, Opener, on Kiri. Meanwhile, Kiri finds his wound aching and that his wounds are not healing. Over at school, Naruto tells Kiri to go the infirmary. Yamane walks with Kiri to the infirmary and learns of Kiri's fight with Emily. After Yamane asks Kiri if he is able to protect Iwai, Kiri mans up. She asks Kiri his blood type. She takes a sample of her blood and injects her blood into Kiri's right arm. This serves as a drug enhancement. Yamane explains to Kiri that the original killer will appear in the Authors' dreams and telling them to kill. Then, Yamane gets dizzy from anemia and falls asleep in Kiri's bed.

Recalling what Yamane had said, Kiri wonders why hasn't he seen Grayland in his dreams. In class, Kiri asks Nigi about Grayland. Nigi enthusiastically explains all she knows about Grayland. When Kiri left, Nigi realizes she has forgot a certain fact about Grayland. At Iwai's home, Kiri finds Iwai sleeping on the couch after exhausting herself in research. He asks Sumeragi about Iwai's father's grave. Sumeragi informs Kiri that there are three Order Mades: a knife, a gun, and a poison.

After the Credits

Kiri finds Emily dancing in front of a grave with flower petals flying in the air.

Points of Interest

  • Kiri and Yamane's blood type is B.
  • Yamane is anemic.
  • Iwai's father had taken care of Emily.


Yamane tells Kiri that she will take it slowly when she injects blood into Kiri's arm. Both of them are blushing and panting heavily.


  • Despite that the company does not censor Yamane injecting drugs into people in earlier episodes, this episode censors Yamane injecting her blood into Kiri.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The bath that is filled with Kiri's blood is vividly shown in the manga.
  • The scene where Yamane has inject her blood into Kiri is not censored in the manga.
  • Manga Exclusive Scene: Nigi and Naruto stumble upon Kiri with Yamane sleeping in the bed at the nurse's office.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.
Yuji Yamaguchi Director


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