Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series
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A popular 90s fantasy series originally created as a Dungeons & Dragons "replay" (transcript of a session, read rather like a serialized novel).

The two anime produced from those replays are a 1990 OVA and 1998 TV series. The OVA covers the whole "story" or Record of Lodoss War however the second half has been significantly simplified and edited. To get the whole 'experience' watch the first 8 episodes of the OVA and then watch the entire TV series. Episode 8 of the OVA includes a short scene introducing the characters Orson and Shiris which should be skipped.
In addition to the OVA and TV series there are a series of novels and manga, a Super Famicom game and a Dreamcast game. 

This franchise is tangentially related to the series Legend of Chystannia and Rune Soldier 

The Age of Gods was closing. Eternity had come to an end. The heavens shook as the armies of Falis, the supreme God of Light, clashed with those of Falaris, the supreme God of Darkness. In the seemingly endless battle, the earth wept and the oceans trembled in fear.

The final battle between the survivors, Marfa, the Mother-Goddess of Creation, and Kardis, the malevolent Goddess of Destruction, echoed to the ends of the earth.

At the climax of their fierce battle, a continent separated, creating a land on which both the goddesses of light and darkness perished like a flame and flickered away.

Several thousand years later, the land to the south of the continent of Alecrast has become known as "Lodoss - The Accursed Island."

-Record of Lodoss War opening


The World of "Record of Lodoss War"

"Record of Lodoss War" takes place on the island continent of Lodoss. Lodoss is an island divided into 6 kingdoms and a few free cities. The land of Lodoss is your stereotypical Tolkien-esque fantasy setting with forests, deserts, mountains, and swamp land.

Kingdom of Valis

 Valis's capitol is the city of Roid where king Fahn reigns with the aide of his valiant Knights of Valis. Valis has the largest standing army of any kingdom on the mainland of Lodoss and is seen as becon of justice in the world

Kingdom of Moss

 Situated in a mountainous region the Kingdom of Moss is actually series of Baronies and Dukedoms that band together under the leadership of a council of lords and the Ancient Gold Dragon Mycen. Moss is famed both for its dragon riding knights and the great sage Wort, a hero of legend who retired to the mountaintops.

Kingdom of Flaim

 A new power in the northern desert, Flaim is ruled by King Kashue. Kashue grew up on the northern continent of Alecrast however after he was forced into gladiator combat he fled. Kashue welded the seperate nomad tribes of the desert into a single nation through the strength of his will and the power of his sword arm.

Kingdom of Alania

 A small kingdom situated on the north eastern coast of Lodoss. Protected by the White Dragon Mountains Alania has grown complacent. Alania has a king but does not have a standing army, it is a place where books are valued over swords.

Kingdom of Kanon

 The country closest to the dark island nation of Marmo is also the first to fall during the War of Heroes. A lot like thier northern neighbors Alania, Kanon has grown lazy under the protection of Valis. The capitol of Shining Hill was the first to fall under the boot heel of Emperor Beld and his Black Knight Ashram.

Kingdom of Marmo

 An evil place where the dark god Kardis is imprisoned, Marmo is populated by monsters and villains. A demon king raised an army within Marmo and each country of Lodoss sent a champion to fight him. One of those champions was Beld a mercenary who slew the Demon King and stole his sword. Beld claimed Marmo as his own after the dust settled. From Marmo Beld launches an invasion on the rest of Lodoss.
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