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is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 11/10/2009
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The magneficient reveal before the glorious culmination. Reviewed by Konanda on Dec. 31, 2009. Konanda has written 7 reviews. His/her last review was for Record of a Fallen Vampire 7. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews.

Record of a Fallen Vampire volumes up to this point this is easily the best. Starting off the colossal reveal of why Strauss was feared as the most powerful vampire of all time. Due to this he is able to have free reign to move on his own without having to fear any retaliation from the Black Swan. In the mean time Bridget and company have just destroyed the last seal and released Adelheid from her 1000 years long incarceration. As she wakes up Adelheid reveals one of the biggest twist in the story of what happened all those years ago. This causes Bridget and company to question Strauss’ motive for his actions over the past 1000 years, Morishima figures it out, though and confronts Strauss. Strauss than reveals to Bridget and company (Morishima included) what he knows about the night the Corrosive Moon lost control and the reason he abandoned the Kingdom of Night allowing it to fall. At the very end he implores Adelheid to reveal what really happened to Stella leaving the last chapter on a huge reveal and another earth-shattering reveal.

Kyo doesn’t fail to disappoint at all in this volume, while penning a whole slew of twists and huge reveals and as usual leaving off with one of the biggest to keep the reader in suspense until the next volume. Yuri’s art is in fine form as well, one particular sequence that looks particularly spectacular is the depiction of the moment when Adelheid loses control.

With only two volumes left Record of a Fallen Vampire does a spectacular job of building up everything for the upcoming climax.

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