Recollections ~The Real You, The Truth You Must Confront, Wooser Turns Away~

Recollections ~The Real You, The Truth You Must Confront, Wooser Turns Away~ is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc that was released on 03/04/2014
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Plot Summary

Recollections ~The Real You, The Truth You Must Confront, Wooser Turns Away~
TranslationRecollections ~The Real You, The Truth You Must Confront, Wooser Turns Away~
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
by Mamoru Miyano
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Before the opening credits, glasses-clad Wooser is seen with Teddie of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchises inside of a random area of the Midnight Channel. Teddie calls out the shadow and Wooser attempts to summon his persona. However, the card doesn't break and Wooser's soul escapes from his body.

Wooser and Ajipon in post-laugh shock.
Wooser and Ajipon in post-laugh shock.

Wooser, Darth Wooser, Ajipon and The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken are seen watching television and laughing joyfully. During their viewing, Wooser narrates about what would happen if he dies and if the afterlife would be one huge empty space filled with people like if it were a sardine can. The scene cuts to Wooser's dramatization and he continues by saying that there might not be any TV or internet at all and it might be a real dark place, especially if a person would die when life was too hard and the afterlife turned out to be a worse place for them. In the sequence, Wooser shouts that he can't go on and wants to die, but then the scene changes to a cemetery and he jumps out of a coffin with a thong-like white hat and says "Wait! I'm already dead." Rin jumps out of her coffin with the same white hat as Wooser's and says "That's right!" Both do not look zombified at all.

Wooser, Rin, Len and Darth Wooser are all seen at their home watching the rain fall. Wooser narrates that it's awful when rain gets in your way of going somewhere, but the rain is nice if you're not going anywhere. He continues with stating that he loves it when he has nowhere to go and it heavily rains when other people were looking forward to going somewhere. The moment Wooser sits down in the sofa with a frog plush toy and screams "This is wonderful!", Len grabs Darth Wooser, calls Wooser "stupid" and violently throws Darth Wooser at Wooser. As Len runs away crying, Darth Wooser regains his footing and punches Wooser in the face. He then asks Wooser if he had any idea how important the day was to Len.

Rin comforting Len on a rainy day.
Rin comforting Len on a rainy day.

Meanwhile at a random park, Len is seen sitting on a bench and Rin calls her out and Len asks about how she found her. Rin noted that Darth Wooser helped find her and asked if this had happened before. She noted Len that Wooser must've ate her steak and it prompted her to run away from home for the second time. Darth Wooser told Len that he and Wooser managed to track her down here. Wooser gets noticed immediately bu the others and tries to narrate about the situation with his back turned, where he ends up getting zapped by Darth Wooser's heat ray eyebeams. Wooser surrenders by saying that he gets it and asks Len to come home. Rin interrupts Wooser and notes everyone that a beautiful rainbow had surfaced into the sky. She asks everyone to take a picture and Len agrees to the occasion. Wooser agrees with the phone camera seemingly aiming at their skirts. Darth Wooser zaps Wooser for it and Wooser properly sets up the camera instead. He jumps in time for the picture with the others in high spirits.

After the ending credits, Teddie asks himself if he is hollow after all and then asks the ghost of Emperor Wooser if he is hollow too. Yuu responds to Teddie by ventriloquism with the frog plush toy and says that Wooser's head might be hollow. In an immediate response, Emperor Wooser's ghost tells Yuu to shove it.

Points of Interest

What a ghastly predicament...
What a ghastly predicament...
  • Teddie of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchises happens to be this episode's guest star. The poster (which is also a self-portrait of Teddie) for the videogame "Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth" is seen on the right side of Emperor Wooser's throne room.
  • Yu Narukami is also seen alongside Teddie, Rin and Wooser in the episode's endcard.
  • Darth Wooser's heat ray vision is visually confirmed after it was implied in Episode 7 of this season when he burned Ajipon offscreen.
  • Wooser and Darth Wooser's brotherly relationship is presumed to be a "master and servant" one when Wooser gets addressed as his master.
  • Teddie's question to the ghost of Emperor Wooser is also a reference to the story of Persona 4's original videogame, where he learns that his body was hollow (he has no innards) before obtaining his human form.

Characters & Voice Actors

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