Rebirth of "Die"

Rebirth of "Die" is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 08/21/2011

Rebirth of "Die"

Enishi and Takako have decided to get married, but they run into more than one problem while planning the wedding. Sui agrees to the wedding on the one condition that they hold a wedding reception. The biggest issue is cost. Ohana has the bright idea of holding the wedding at the Kissuiso. Now everyone seems to have their thoughts about marriage. Minko vows that she will help Tooru make the food for the wedding reception a success. However Tooru still doesn't seem to notice that Minko has feelings for her. Minko's emotions are thrown into disarray as she struggles to find a place in Tooru's heart.

Plot Summary

Enishi and Takako have decided to get married! And Takako has given Enishi a new nickname "Enishing", saying "Enishing is possible." They break the news to the rest of the staff and Sui herself. Takako swears to make up for her past mistakes and work harder for the Kissuiso. Sui allows their marriage on the one condition that the two of them have a wedding ceremony. Sui explains that Enishi has a reputation to keep up as successor to the Kissuiso.

Enishi is now having trouble deciding how they're going to afford a wedding ceremony, as renting a hotel would cost around 1.6million yen. Ohana then has the grand idea of holding the wedding ceremony at the Kissuiso, this will help cut down a lot on cost since the staff will be helping as well. Tooru is excited to be preparing food for the wedding reception.

Minko and Tooru think of what ingredients to buy
Minko and Tooru think of what ingredients to buy

Tooru and Minko go out shopping for ingredients and Tooru seems lost in thought about what to prepare for the wedding. On the ride back Tooru wonders that he's about the age where he needs to think about marriage. Tooru then says he likes kids, and hopes to have 5 or so. Minko is really surprised by this. Tooru stops by the beach and tells Minko to take a deep breath of the ocean breeze. Tooru says he has noticed that Minko has been acting odd recently.

Minko says she wants to help make the wedding reception is a success and work with Tooru. Tooru then off-handedly says that she's starting to sound like Ohana, how Ohana always seems to get people involved somehow. Minko is taken aback by this and doesn't know how to reply. When they get back Minko starts acting coldly toward Ohana again, and Ohana wonders what's up. They have a confrontation as they are bathing themselves, and Minko on the verge of tears runs out telling Ohana to die. Minko's thoughts and emotions effect her work in the kitchen negatively. Tooru relieves her of her cooking duties, saying if she can't handle daily routines she won't be able to handle the wedding. Minko is almost in tears again, but gets out of the kitchen before Tooru notices.

Minko gives Ohana the cold shoulder
Minko gives Ohana the cold shoulder

That day at school, Minko's sadness turns into anger toward Ohana. Yuina suggests for Ohana and Nako to have lunch together. They see Nako and Eri taking out a box full of curtains. Apparently their class is changing the curtains to a red color, which is supposed to improve student's cognitive skills. Nako decides to sew up the curtains to make a wedding dress. Ohana and Yuina help Nako with the sewing. Ohana seems lost in thought as she thinks about the possibility that Tooru likes her.

Enishi is having a hard time getting a ring for a good price. Takako still doesn't seem very enthusiastic about the wedding in general. Takako tries telling Sui that she is calling off the wedding. Sui them gives Takako her own ring which was given to Sui by her late husband. It turns out that Sui and her husband used to work at the same Inn, she was a waitress and he was a chef. Then when they got married, they were offered to take over management of an inn that didn't have a successor.

Sui and her husband in the past
Sui and her husband in the past

They worked hard to restore the inn and make it a success. Sui explains that they didn't have time or money to hold a wedding, but her husband gave her the ring at least. Sui also explains the origin of the "Kissuiso" name, "an in to make you happy, Sui". Young Sui is embarrassed by this, saying they should focus on the customers.

Sui tells Takako that marriage is a promise to always be with your partner and that she entrusts Enishi's happiness to Takako. Takako breaks out into happy tears, saying she thought that by allowing the marriage Sui was not planning on having them inherit the Inn. Sui says that this is correct, she doesn't plan on having them succeed the Inn. Takako is taken aback by this.

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