Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell

Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell is an anime episode of Heaven's Lost Property Forte that was released on 11/05/2010


After Tomoki learns that the girls at school find him undesirable and unintelligent, the gang takes part in a quiz to find out just how smart they really are. Meanwhile, in Synapse, a plan to destroy Ikaros and Nymph is taking shape!

via FUNimation

Plot Summary

The gang find Astraea eating carrots from the rabbit pen at school, and decide she should become a student and start coming to school with them. Tomoki is made fun of by a group of girls, calling him a pervert and an idiot, so Mikako designs a game show-like quiz to decide once and for all who is the dumbest in the group. The Man of Synapse finds the Angel from Tomoki's dreams, revealing that she is Daedalus; creator of the first generation of Angeloids. She appears to be hiding in some sort of tree house, protected by an impenetrable shield, watching over Tomoki and her precious "daughters". He tells her that he has finally completed the second generation of Angeloids, and they are vastly superior to the first.

Points of Interest

  • Astraea starts going to school in this episode.
  • Ikaros is shown flying in space during the ending theme, indicating she can survive in space.
  • The Angel from Tomoki's dream is revealed to be Daedalus.
  • The Man of Synapse states he has completed the second generation of Angeloids in this episode.
  • Sohara's measurements are revealed in this episode: Bust - 92, Waist - 59, Hips - 84.
    Note - Her waist was previously 58, Tomoki believes the increase was caused by shortcake she ate the day before.


  • Opening Theme - "Heart no Kakuritsu" (ハートの確率) by Blue Drops.
  • Ending Theme - "Soldier in the Space" ( ソルジャー・イン・ザ・スペース Sorujyā in za Supēsu) by Soichiro Hoshi and Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

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