Re.: is an anime episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 that was released on 09/28/2008


Two months later, now acting as dictator, Lelouch has captured the Black Knights, Schneizel, and Nunnally, and orders their deaths for opposing him. Just then, the Britannians see Zero in the middle of the road. Kallen is confused as she knows that Lelouch is Zero and that he is in the throne, not in the road. She has realized that it is part of Lelouch and Suzaku's plan and the latter is Zero.
Suzaku dodges gunfire from the mechs and get pass through Jeremiah. When he reaches Lelouch, the latter puts him at gunpoint, but Suzaku swings the gun off him. Lelouch smiles sinisterly about it.
It is revealed that Lelouch plans on making the entire world hate him and with his death, he can make the world a better place. With Suzaku declared dead, Lelouch made him become the new Zero and kill him.
Suzaku stabs Lelouch with a golden sword. In a verge of death, the latter tells the former that since he is declared dead, he must be Zero for the rest of his life in order to live. Suzaku accepts the Geass and gets the sword off Lelouch's chest as he falls from his throne.
Nunnally goes to him and touches his hand. This causes the events of Lelouch's plan will be for her to see. She realizes that Lelouch did all that cruelty as a dictator so that his death will cause peace to the world. He dies after telling her that he destroyed a world, but he created a new one. Nunnally cries to not die on her and Cornelia orders the prisoners to be released. Nunnally cries that with Lelouch gone, how is she going to live her life in the future.
Two months later, Kallen narrates that she has forgiven Lelouch for his tyrannic actions since that it all according to his plan. She is shown living with her mother as she heads off to Ashford Academy.

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